MyJio App Gets JioCinema and JioTV Integration With Latest Mini Apps Feature

After tweaking the overall user interface of the app, Jio has now added a new feature called 'Jio Mini Apps' to MyJio app

  • Jio Mini apps feature has been rolled out to MyJio App
  • Apps like JioSaavn, JioCinema and more can be used within MyJio app
  • The feature is already available to stable MyJio app users

Telecom operators are actively adding new features to their self-care apps to enhance the user experience. Following the footsteps of Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio also integrated its popular apps like JioCinema, JioTV, JioClound and so on into MyJio app itself. For the unaware, Airtel Thanks app allows Bharti Airtel customers to watch the Airtel Xstream app content without the requirement of the latter. MyJio app also received a similar feature now and the company is calling the feature as ‘Jio mini apps.’ As the name itself suggests, Jio mini apps is just the integration of other Jio apps into MyJio app, so that users can quickly make use of them without the hassle of downloading the entire app. This feature will come in really handy to the users who are using a smartphone with very low internal storage and can not accommodate all the apps from Jio.

Jio Mini Apps Feature Added to MyJio App: What’s New

MyJio is one of the best self-care mobile apps from telecom operators right now. But Reliance Jio is aiming at making it the best app for all the solutions. After tweaking the overall user interface of the app, Jio has now added a new feature called ‘Jio Mini Apps’ to MyJio app. As part of this update, users will be able to spot other Jio apps like JioCinema, JioTV, JioEngage, JioSaavn and so on within MyJio app. These mini-apps will be present on top of the home screen.

So the first tab is Telecom which consists of all the basic stuff related to your account like the current plan, data usage and so on. Basically, Telecom is just the old home screen of MyJio app. Besides Telecom, there are a few other mini-apps- JioSaavn, JioCinema, JioEngage, JioCloud, JioTV and so on. You can use these apps inside MyJio app itself with the help of Jio mini apps feature.

Apps like JioSaavn, JioCinema, JioEngage and JioCloud can be used within MyJio app itself. We have used all the four above mentioned apps and they worked without any issues. However, whenever we tried to use the JioTV mini-app, it always redirected us to the Google Play Store to download the app. So it seems like the feature is still in the works. That said, Jio Mini Apps offer just basic functionalities, and to fully enjoy the features of the apps, you still have to download separate apps from Google Play Store.

Bharti Airtel Also Offering Play and Bank Services With Airtel Thanks App

Basically, Reliance Jio has followed the footsteps of Bharti Airtel this time around. For nearly a year now, Airtel Thanks app has been offering the content of Airtel Xstream app and Airtel Payments Bank services. After the latest Airtel Thanks app, there are three new tabs- Home, Bank and Play on the bottom bar. The Play option offers all the content from the Airtel Xstream app, including Live TV channels. and VoD. Whereas the Bank option provides all the Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Wallet services like recharge, bill payments, FASTag purchase and so on. Airtel Thanks app recently got a new update which brought quick functions access for recharge, paying bills, sending money, scanning and sending money and so on.

Reliance Jio is yet to open its Jio Payments Bank services to the public. Once it does, we can expect the functions of the Payments Bank will be added to MyJio app as well.

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Jio is a lifesaver for us in the villages, no other co. Wanted to put up towers and provide us high speed data. Bsnl employees are a lazy bunch of regular blood sucking govt employees.


For this Jio shit we are losing our jobs from BSNL ultimate date is 31st January 2020. Companies like TATA DOCOMO, AIRCEL, uninor, Reliance, MTS have already shutted down or bankrupted for this #Jioculprit. We BSNL employees hope one day Jio have to shut down its operations its our curse to #Jioculprit. When Airtel Vodafone Idea other telephone companies have given lifetime validity minimum with recharge of 200rs for 180days was mandatory but they never disconnected any mobile connection if a user not met that minimum recharge, but in case of BSNL minimum SIM validity was upto 180 days by… Read more »

Hubli, KTK
BSNL airtel
Videocon D2H
Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

Mucchappa saaku. We don’t even get BSNL signals in the middle of the main roads in BengaLuru.
You should be thanking Jio or you wouldn’t be online so easily. Jio is the reason for you being here, directly or indirectly. BSNL lazy people still live on written white sheets for anything to be done at subscribers request and treats its customers like as if they are our bosses. I had to run around for 10 days just to change my broadband plan.


For financial crunch position we are not able to provide quality services, we request you to pls contact nearest CSC for resolution i hope you will get better services. Pls #SupportBSNL.

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

BSNL gave such a good service that they forced me to take landline phone even when their own guy told them the landline phone instrument I already have is already great for their ADSL broadband. They billed me 2500rs for the first month. Then they made me write a letter for no service of 2 weeks and even after calling many times they never discounted the bill. Impeccable service. No private sector employee will ever dare to pull this shyt.


Why BSNL didn’t have expanded a decade old 3G till date to many rural areas. 80 % of those employees who are at 40s to 60s are responsible for the present BSNL situation. I had seen little few BSNL employees (mainly young junior candidates)who are customer friendly and understand issues customer.facing To the opposite i have seen in (past) the behaviour of BSNL employees just showcasing themselves as government officers and so rude. We need to pay some little bribe to these lazy officers to do their work. . Blaming will never provide solutions or it will not work for… Read more »

Partha Basu

In this country, everyone has the right to do business in the most legal manner. Some do business well and others are not able to do it. Not everyone is able to earn the same amount of profit. It is all about intelligence, business strategies, investment and taking calculated risk. I will surely say that Jio has brought about a revolution in the telecom industry in India. All other providers were looting customers in the Congress dominated regime and Jio has put an end to it. As a normal user, I would say that it voice can be made free,… Read more »

Puutul Das

Jio have adopted the illegal business policy for this Jio so many people get fired from various telecom company, this is not only my words but all those protesters voice who is now jobless, cant afford for food commiting suicide.
I am also BSNL employee 58yrs old from Diamond Harbour West Bengal. #Pls support BSNL with Airtel-Vodafone Idea.


Very nice blaming others for your own incompetence. Only if you guys did some work instead of gossiping and having chai samosa all day.


Sir, All employees are not similar, pls. #SupportBSNL- without your faith we cant go forward. Pls.

Pranab Das

This is effect of Karma, BSNL employees need kick not support.

Pranab Das

True, fully agreed.


Lol sorry for the job loss but you people should have kept this in mind while behaving rudely with customers or repairing the fault in landline connections at your own sweet time. I remember having a BSNL broadband connection, how costly it was and the amount of problems I used to face at times and how painful it was to get those problems fixed. Enough!


BSNL is deeply inconvinience for the issue occured, Sir, BSNL commited seamless connectivity throughout the country at affordable rates but for the current situation of telecom sector we are obliged to do that, pls contact nearest CSC for early rectification of your concern. #SupportBSNL without you we cant go forward. Pls adopt a new BSNL sim i you have not took earlier. Pls support Sir.


Lol I have a BSNL sim that I usually recharge with 187 to access their tortoise like 3G . During the last recharge it was just that I forgot to recharge it immediately after the expiry of the previous 187 and they deducted 8 rupees from my balance for no reason. I am still fighting for the refund on twitter. Once my current pack expires, I will switch to Airtel or Jio.


Bro, QOS matter. Survival of fittest is the rule. If you don’t modernize yourself, thats the fate awaits you.


Sir, that totally depends on GOI, we will start 4G as soon as they provide spectrum, dont forget pre-era BSNL when this Ambanis charged 25rs/min for OG & 8rs/min for IC.
Currenty for this Jio we BSNL employees are in very critical financial position as Mr. Ambani Jio have not extended hands to help us. #SupportBSNL including Airtel-VodafoneIdea, its request.pls


Dear @Amal
AmbaNis never charged Rs. 25/min and 8rs./min.
So before bashing get facts right.
And BSNL’s staff’s behaviour was world famous.
So don’t make excuses for incompetence of BSNL.

Fyi, I am BSNL customer for more then 35 years, ( days of landline being provided like it was a preceious thing ).
Despite of rubbish service from BSNL , I am still supporting BSNL, Not because of employee like you, but BSNL is nation asset.
So do work honestly for the salary you getting out of our taxpayer’s pocket.


Sir, I am 55 years old employee of BSNL from Madras and totally agreed with your every words, as of now we have not received 4G spectrum to commence the LTE services & 3G spectrum is not enough to cover the same, and its totally clear as current govts main motive to benifit Jio, and for those who are supporting Jio i like like to clarify them the day when Jio will remain alone in the market they will give you 550 rs 1gb data which is double than pre-era Jio, BSNL is the company of every person who lives… Read more »


But in last 10 years BSNL serves only to provide salary to the employees like you. I am not denying the factor that telecom sector has been trembling last 3 years on a deep financial crisis. But BSNL is in loss for last 9 to 10 years. Who is responsible for this. I was a loyal BSNL mobile customer since 2012. I ported my primary number to BSNL after a 3 years old no network Complaint not solved in AIRTEL. Last year I ported the same number back to AIRTEL due to worst behaviour by one of the employee who… Read more »


Sir, as per Corporate Head Office New Delhi all employees have strictly ordered to behave all clients eco-friendly not rude if this was happend to you BSNL commited extremely sorry to you, Pls adopt a new CellOne sim and join our company its your company its company of every indian citizen & help us to build a new company.

KRISH, Burdwan, WB

Same is here. I have been complaining on network isdues since 2010. you won’t believe bsnl is still providing the same patchy 2G that it used to provide a decade ago. And in the meantime, all pvt operators started 4G at the same place. Now, give me a reason, why should I choose bsnl over others?
Very recently, I ported back into bsnl just to keep my secondary sim alive on 2g. BSNL may operate as a fringe 2G player for secondary sim or low spending people who use phone for getting incoming call. Thats it. Thanks

Lovely Person

Many times BSNL employees union has made strikes for the sake of their own benefits like salary package or employment benefits. But is there any strike was conducted for not upgrading network or for not increasing cell towers or against corrupt BSNL senior officers!. Never. Employees were never interested in organization growth as they were getting salary on time without worries. Even for taking one broadband connection I was made to visit office 4 to 5 times. If I ask any BSNL employees about broadband connection, they would simply say “why to waste money on broadband, it is better to… Read more »

Girish Gowda | BengaLuru

You had spectrum for over a decade and did nothing with it. Stop lying if you’re an actual BSNL employee.
Jio will never ever charge more than 300rs for 10GB of data at max on LTE even after 5 years unlike other companies.


I wish the top brass in BSNL at every level thinks the same way, BSNL is all ours! I agree BSNL has service deficients, but the points which @Paritosh has put forward are valid too. Without the top level approvals, even the most motivated can’t do any better.

Akhil Brahma

Agreed. I personally support BSNL, even in my area where private companies 4g speed is about in kbps 😀 , BSNL speed is like 10 to 20 mbps. And BSNl call quality, wow they really done something so cool that you will get so good quality voice, and one more thing anyone above here who complaints about BSNL and their employees…try to understand that If your query is major you can directly go to head of the department, their chamber is always seat near to customer care. and even he behave also very well. so if you have complaints of… Read more »


Thanks, Sir for favour of us. We are fully agreed for financial crunch we are not able to provide quality services as per public needs but BSNL always tries to provide best quality services (mobile, landline, broadband, ftth) etc. Jio 4G speeds in 99kbps where it should be upto 29mbps it have also capped the speeds also even Volte calls are getting dropped / voice cracking, but BSNL 2G/3G where it have adequate coverage i am sure you will get Crystal clear Voice in 2G / lagging free experience in 3G to access web / stream video-audio / dl-ul etc.… Read more »

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