Video Conferencing Apps Now Available on Smart Displays

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Zoom, the video conferencing solution app on Wednesday announced that its platform will now be available on multiple smart displays including Amazon Echo Show, Portal from Facebook and Google Nest Hub Max. The company said that the users can join Zoom meetings with a “touch of a button or the sound of your voice.” Zoom said that the users are required to log in to one of the supported smart displays and integrate the calendar, status and meeting settings. The users are then provided “access to all the tools” that are needed to personalise the home office experience.

Zoom Lands on Smart Displays Including Facebook Portal and Nest Hub Max

Zoom said that the features like whiteboarding, content sharing and co-annotation will be available to users with the supported smart displays.

The company said that the users can introduce one-touch “join meeting” features to all Zoom meetings with the Zoom app on Facebook Portal.

“Portal’s Smart Camera technology automatically keeps you in frame, making camera controls simple for immersive video calls,” Zoom said in a release on Wednesday.

Further, Zoom said that the users with the Amazon Echo show can join a meeting using Alexa. The company said that Alexa can also automatically start a scheduled meeting without the need for a user entering a meeting ID or passcode, if the user linked the calendar in the Alexa app.

Similarly, Zoom said that the users with the Nest Hub Max can connect to a Zoom meeting using Google Assistant.

“Google Nest Hub Max’s smart camera with Face Match displays your relevant information, like upcoming Zoom meetings,” Zoom said.

The company said that its platform will be available on Portal in “select regions” in September and that the app will be rolling out to Amazon Echo show devices “later this year” in the US. Similarly, Zoom said that its platform will be rolling out to the Nest Hub Max “later this year.”

Multiple Video Conferencing Apps Landing on Facebook Portal

Meanwhile, Facebook in a separate release on Wednesday said that multiple video conferencing apps including Zoom, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting and Webex will be available on Portal Mini, Portal and Portal Plus in September. The company said that the video conferencing apps including BlueJeans will be available on its Portal devices in addition to Facebook’s collaboration tool Workplace.

“With Portal as a dedicated screen for your video calls, it’s easier to be present with your co-workers, and you’re freed up to take notes or access more information on your computer,” Facebook said in a release. “Regardless of how many people are on the call, Portal’s Smart Camera keeps you in the frame, and Smart Sound minimises potentially distracting background noise.”

The company said that the Workplace on Portal is available on all Portal devices including Portal TV. Further, Facebook said that it is adding backgrounds for video calls to “eliminate distractions in your workspace.”

Crucially, Facebook said that the users “in the coming weeks” will have the option of creating a free Workplace login that eliminates the need for logging into Portal with Facebook or WhatsApp.

“You can see your upcoming meetings on your Portal and join a video call by just tapping the link,” Facebook said. “You’ll also be able to take advantage of the whiteboard function on BlueJeans and Zoom by using your finger to draw on Portal’s screen.”

Zoom Joins Existing Google Video Conferencing Apps on Nest Hub Max

In a separate release, Google on Wednesday said that the Nest Hub Max and Google Assistant already provide “host of ways” for users to stay connected with Duo and Google Meet. With the addition of Zoom, Google said that the users will have “one more option” to stay connected.

Google said that the users with a Zoom account including free tier and the paid tier can connect to a video call from their Hub Max or other Assistant enabled Smart Display. The company said that the users can “easily move from one call” to another using Meet or Zoom.

“To join your next meeting, say ‘Hey Google, join my next meeting’ to easily connect to the next call on your personal Google Calendar,” Google said.

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