Verizon Achieves 1.2 Tbps on Single Wavelength in Fiber Network Trial

Verizon and Cisco have successfully demonstrated increased speed, reliability, and capacity of Verizon's fiber network by achieving transmission speeds of 1.2 Tbps over a single wavelength in a live network trial.


  • New fiber network technology offers increased speed, reliability, and capacity.
  • Upgraded optical-to-electrical conversion cards enhance data flow management, allowing data to travel farther and faster.
  • Trial conducted using Cisco's NCS 1014 and Acacia's Coherent Interconnect Module 8, achieving high-speed transmissions over various distances.

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Verizon Achieves 1.2 Tbps on Single Wavelength in Fiber Network Trial
Verizon, along with vendor Cisco, has achieved transmission speeds of 1.2 Tbps across a single wavelength over its live metro fiber network in Long Island, New York. Verizon says this achievement demonstrates increased speed, enhanced reliability, and expanded overall capacity for its fiber network.

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Enhancing Fiber Infrastructure

Verizon explained that during this trial, it transmitted data across longer distances by upgrading the optical-to-electrical conversion cards responsible for managing the flow of customer data through fiber optic cables. This upgrade enables data to travel greater distances across Verizon's fiber network at faster speeds, ultimately leading to improved reliability.

Accelerated Fiber Expansion

Verizon says it has accelerated its fiber build plan, having deployed nearly 57,000 fiber miles since 2020. The company also highlights that it now connects over 51 percent of its cell sites with its own fiber.

Furthermore, Verizon is reportedly expanding its fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) presence in the Northeast, along with recent high-speed internet expansions in Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, central New York, and more.

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"We have bet big on fiber. Not only does it provide an award-winning broadband experience for consumers and enterprises, it also serves as the backbone of our wireless network. As we continue to see customers using more data in more varied ways, it is critical we continue to stay ahead of our customers' demands by using the resources we have most efficiently," said Verizon.

Trial Set-up

According to the statement, the trial was conducted over Verizon's live production network using Cisco's NCS 1014 transceiver shelf and Acacia's Coherent Interconnect Module 8 (CIM 8).

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In the trial, a 1 Tbps single wavelength was transmitted over the Cisco NCS 2000 line system over a distance of 205 km, traversing 14 fiber central offices. Additionally, an 800 Gbps transmission was achieved over 305 km through 20 offices, and a 1.2 Tbps wavelength traversed three offices.

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