Telenet Belgium Introduces 360-Degree Wi-Fi System

Telenet, a Belgian telecom operator, has launched a new Wi-Fi system called Telenet 360-Degree Wifi that provides seamless connectivity throughout the house without interruptions. The Telenet 360-Degree Wifi system guarantees uninterrupted and high-quality Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house.


  • Telenet Belgium has launched a new, smart, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi system called Telenet 360-Degree Wifi.
  • The system comprises three components, including self-steering wifi-pods and mesh technology.
  • The Telenet 360 degree Wifi system ensures optimal Wi-Fi signal and solves problems before customers even notice them.

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Telenet Belgium Introduces 360-Degree Modem and Wi-Fi Pods

Telenet, one of Belgium's leading telecom operators, has launched a new, smart, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi system called Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi. This system aims to provide seamless connectivity throughout the entire house at the same speed and without any interruptions.

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Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system

The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system comprises three components that work together to provide a faster and more stable internet signal. The system uses self-steering and intelligent hardware called "Wi-Fi pods" to ensure an optimal Wi-Fi signal and solve problems before customers notice them.

According to the company, these wifi-pods constantly communicate with each other and the latest Telenet 360-degree Modem through mesh technology. Both the Wi-Fi-pods and the modem support the latest Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6.

Meeting Customer Demands for Reliable and High-Quality Internet Connection

Telenet's goal is to meet the increasing demands of customers for a reliable and high-quality internet connection. With more devices connecting to the wireless home network, customers expect their Wi-Fi signal to follow them everywhere in the house without any interruptions.

Therefore, Telenet has created a Wi-Fi ecosystem where all components are synchronized and optimized for hassle-free installation and management through the Telenet app. This also provides customers and customer support with better insights into the performance and potential issues on the home network.

According to the statement, "Good Wi-Fi is crucial to customer satisfaction, and we want to offer them the best technology in a way that maximizes customer convenience. Therefore, we have developed one internet ecosystem that makes installation as easy as turning on your TV or vacuum cleaner."

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Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system

The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system's first component is the wifi-pods that spread the signal throughout the house. These small devices, powered by Plume's self-learning software, can recognize all the devices connected to the home network and adjust the signal accordingly.

Plume is an American-based Software-as-a-Service company that provides self-optimizing, smart Wi-Fi services, visibility, and network control for Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

They can also detect the best wifi-pod to connect to and distribute devices across different pods and modems on each floor of the house. Furthermore, the system can automatically choose the best frequency or less congested Wi-Fi channel when there are disruptions from baby monitors or neighbours' Wi-Fi networks.

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Mesh Technology

The second component of the Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system is mesh technology, which ensures uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house. The wifi-pods and modems are constantly in communication with each other and learn from each other to find the best route and frequency for the Wi-Fi traffic in the house. This means that if you are video calling while walking around the house, your device will seamlessly switch from one wifi-pod to another.


The Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system is an innovative, user-friendly solution that guarantees uninterrupted, high-quality Wi-Fi coverage throughout the house. Telenet customers can get the new Telenet 360-degree Wi-Fi system with every Telenet Internet Product.

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