Tele2 Latvia Invests 100,000 Euros to Enhance Customer Service System

Tele2 invests in a digital customer service system to streamline interactions and reduce customer service time. They also introduced VoWiFi technology for improved voice communication and expanded their 5G network across Latvia.


  • Tele2 invests 100,000 euros in digital customer service system development.
  • Tele2 consolidates communication channels into a unified system for improved customer experience.
  • Tele2 expands its 5G network with additional base stations across Latvia.

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Tele2 Latvia Invests 100,000 Euros to Enhance Customer Service System

Latvian telecommunications company, Tele2, has announced an investment of 100,000 euros in the development of its digital customer service system. This strategic investment aims to streamline customer interactions, reduce repeated contacts, and decrease customer service time by at least 10 percent. Tele2 aims to provide a seamless and efficient customer experience by consolidating various communication channels into a unified system.

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Enhancing Customer Experience

According to the statement, the new system will reduce manual actions by customer advisors, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced manual tasks. This, in turn, reduces the risk of human error and enhances the overall quality of service. Moreover, customers will benefit from faster responses to their inquiries in the digital realm.

Tele2 Mobile App or Self-Care Portal

Tele2 said it had developed a system that allows customers to easily clarify their questions through the Tele2 mobile application or self-service portal. Additionally, for customers who seek assistance through the customer service helpline and receive explanations or solutions over the phone, the information will automatically be available in written form within the mobile application and self-service portal.

According to the company, This provides customers with convenient access to comprehensive information regarding their communication with the company. Furthermore, this improved system will help optimize human resources for Tele2.

Tele2's investment in the digital customer service system aligns with its commitment to enhancing the overall customer experience and meeting the evolving needs of its clients. Over the past year, Tele2 has successfully handled hundreds of thousands of customer calls and requests, addressing a wide range of topics.

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Tele2 Introduces VoWiFi Technology

To enhance customer experience, Tele2 introduced Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) technology in March 2023. VoWiFi allows users to make voice calls over WiFi networks, improving voice call quality, especially in indoor environments where mobile signal strength may be weaker. This technology complements Tele2's existing Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service, which is used by 85,000 Tele2 customers, providing customers with a seamless voice communication experience.

Tele2 Expands 5G Network

Furthermore, Tele2 Latvia activated another 28 5G base stations in March. Tele2 5G network is already available in more than 70 settlements throughout Latvia. Most of Tele2's 5G base stations operate at the 700 MHz frequency, which allows for much wider coverage, while some 5G stations operate at the 3.5 GHz frequency, which provides higher mobile Internet speeds.

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Tele2's investments in its digital customer service system, VoWiFi technology, and 5G network expansion underline its commitment to delivering high-quality services, embracing technological advancements, and meeting the ever-increasing connectivity needs of its valued customers.

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