Ericsson Extends Partnership with Eastlink to Strengthen 5G Network on 3500 MHz Band

Ericsson extends its partnership with Eastlink to strengthen 5G services, supplying mid-band radios and core network support. The collaboration aims to enhance Eastlink's 5G network and provide comprehensive next-generation experiences to customers.


  • Ericsson extends partnership with Eastlink to strengthen 5G services.
  • Activation of 3500 MHz spectrum to improve coverage and network performance.
  • Eastlink pioneers the transition to advanced 5G capabilities in Canada.

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Ericsson Extends Partnership with Eastlink to Strengthen 5G Network Services

Ericsson has announced an extension of its longstanding 10-year partnership with Eastlink to strengthen 5G mobile network services. Eastlink is Canada's largest family-owned telecom, providing TV, entertainment, and communication services across the country. The collaboration between the two companies seeks to enhance the capabilities of Eastlink's 5G network.

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Enhancing Eastlink's 5G Network

According to the statement, Eastlink successfully launched its high-performing and energy-efficient Radio Access Network (RAN) for 5G in 2022. Building upon this achievement, Ericsson will now provide 3500 MHz mid-band radios and enhanced core network support for voice and data. The continued partnership with Ericsson will empower Eastlink to deliver its customers a comprehensive range of next-generation 5G experiences.

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Eastlink 5G Launch

The 5G journey started in March 2022 when Eastlink activated its 5G network, leveraging Ericsson's advanced technology, starting with sites in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since then, the two companies have worked collaboratively to build a robust 5G infrastructure that not only has the potential to transform industries but also significantly enhance day-to-day experiences for Eastlink customers.

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Activation of 3500 MHz Spectrum

As part of the expanded partnership, Eastlink will activate its 3500 MHz spectrum, a crucial step towards further enhancing coverage and network performance. This activation promises to provide customers with even more reliable, high-speed connectivity while catering to their evolving needs.

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Eastlink is the first company in Canada to fully transition from older 3G technology to pave the way for the advanced capabilities of 5G networks. Since its launch in 2013, Eastlink has invested nearly USD 500 million in expanding its mobile service across Canada.

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