Six Must-Watch Indian Stand-up Comedy Shows on Prime Video, Netflix

Discover a curated list of must-watch Indian stand-up comedy shows on OTT platforms. These hilarious programs will surely make you laugh and provide a therapeutic escape from stress. From Kapil Sharma's authentic humor to Vir Das's timely comedy, and the laughter-inducing competitions and specials in between.


  • Enjoy Kapil Sharma's true comedy style in I’m Not Done Yet on Netflix.
  • Experience the competitive and mentoring journey of aspiring comedians in Comicstaan on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Vir Das hilariously tackles Indian issues and culture in For India on Netflix.

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Six Must-Watch Indian Stand-up Comedy Shows on Prime Video, Netflix

While making someone laugh is difficult, laughing at someone is surely simple. However, some shows encourage you to laugh or charge you money to laugh because it's therapeutic. When you laugh heartily, you feel content and alleviate a lot of stress. So, if you're seeking anything to make you laugh, stand-up comedy is the solution.

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We also have a list of Indian stand-up comedy gigs that you can watch on OTT while lounging on your comfortable couch if you're not motivated enough to go out and see a live performance.

The must-watch Indian stand-up comedy programs on OTT platforms are listed below.

Kapil Sharma: I’m Not Done Yet

Who doesn't enjoy Kapil Sharma's show? Up until this point, either Kapil Sharma has been performing with other comedians, or we have seen very little of his true comedy. This Netflix original showcases Kapil's most authentic brand of humor and his storytelling with just the right punchlines. You can watch the show while clenching your teeth in agony.

OTT platform: Netflix


Comicstaan is a stand-up comedy competition in which aspiring comedians compete against industry veterans. The young comedians are also mentored by the judges, who teach them one genre at a time. You can laugh a lot as they tell jokes and perform doubles. The show is well-hosted by Kusha Kapila and Abish Mathew, who occasionally throw punches to make you LOL.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Vir Das: For India

This Vir Das special won't let you down if you're looking for timely humor. India's problems are the subject of Vir Das's humorous comedy. Das honors Indian heritage in a way that has never been done before, from Parle G to Indian cuisine, the Vedas to Bollywood plotlines. Laughing will be wonderful and informative because of how relatable everything is.

OTT platform: Netflix

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One Mic Stand

In the program One Mic Stand, well-known actors, politicians, TV hosts, influencers, musicians, and writers from India learn how to do stand-up comedy for the first time from experienced comics. You can see whether they perform poorly or well. You'll laugh out loud at the performers afterward. The purpose of the program is to demonstrate to viewers that humor is difficult.

OTT platform: Amazon Prime Video

Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person in the Room

What does it sound like when comedy meets music? You'll have to watch Kenny's Netflix special to find out. His preferred form of comedy for telling jokes is satire. You will laugh yourself silly as he covers everything from the harmonium to the guitar, flightless birds to footwear, small girls and tall guys to snuggling.

OTT platform: Netflix

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Comedy Premium League

Comedy Premium League is a variety program where stand-up and reality are combined. Four groups of 16 Indian comedians battle against each other to be crowned the best group. Prajakta Koli is featured in the program as the host rather than a competitor. Anurag Kashyap performs stand-up comedy and roasts Prajakta Koli to close the show. So, if you want to laugh so hard that your jaw hurts, don't miss it.

OTT platform: Netflix

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