Reliance Jio Gets New MSC Codes For Multiple Circles

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Reliance Jio, India’s number one telecom operator, keeps on needing fresh MSC codes to fulfil the demands of new subscribers. In regular intervals, the telco gets assigned a fresh set of MSC codes for various circles to keep up with the new subscribers' addition.

For the unaware, the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is the body that has the power to allocate new MSC codes to the telcos. Now, the telecom department has allocated new MSC codes to Reliance Jio in four different circles, including Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat, and Bihar.

What Are MSC Codes?

MSC Codes are numbering resources that are allocated to the telcos for meeting the demands of new or more subscribers. The DoT circular highlights that Jio has been allocated the new numbering resources for meeting the demands of one million subscribers.

The first five digits of your mobile number is an MSC code. Since numbering resources are scarce, the DoT allocates them to the telcos only when they require it to meet the demands of more subscribers. The codes are allocated to the telcos on a regional or circle basis. Let’s take a look at the new codes allotted to Jio.

Reliance Jio New MSC Codes For West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Gujarat

Jio has been allocated 86498, 87100, 76018-76019, 78108-78110, 78118-78120 MSC codes in West Bengal. In Madhya Pradesh, the telco has been allocated 82340, 82360, 82510, 84500, 82530, 86299, 84508, 86410, 86400, and 86430.

In Bihar, DoT has allocated 93410-93419 MSC codes to Jio. Lastly, the telco got 98750-98752 and 87990-87996 MSC codes in Gujarat. Jio can’t use these fresh numbering resources for the active subscribers of RCom and the port out subscribers, if there are any.

With the new numbering resource in hand, the telco will be able to issue SIM cards with fresh numbers in the aforementioned circles. Just over a month ago, the telco had been issued another set of MSC code for the Madhya Pradesh circle. Jio had been allocated the 93290-93299 ACCESS-MSC code by the DoT so that it could meet the rising demand for telecom services in the state.

Even in the Gujarat circle, the telco had received the MSC codes 78618-78620, 78638, 78610, 78628-78630, and 78598-78599 not too long ago.

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