PUBG Mobile Is Coming Back to India, All You Should Know

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One of the most popular online Battle Royale games of the world, PUBG Mobile, is coming back to India. It is still not confirmed when, but the recent developments suggest that it will make a comeback very soon. Much recently, a Twitter user going by the name Rahul Prasad shared screenshots of a YouTube video posted by PUBG Mobile India’s official channel.

The video was posted on April 29, 2021, and was taken down in a few minutes. The description of the video said that ‘All New PUBG Mobile’ will come to India soon. However, the company didn’t highlight the date of the comeback.


Another Twitter user going by the name Gaurav shared screenshots of YouTube notifications which showed the upload of the same video mentioned above.

PUBG Mobile India Launch Date

PUBG Mobile India’s launch date hasn’t been revealed yet, but we assume that it is just around the corner. We don’t believe that the developers of the game uploaded the video by mistake. It could be a sign or a message from the company that the PUBG Mobile India version will soon be available for users in the country.

The game has been anticipated to launch multiple times in the last few months. The PUBG Corporation even separated from Tencent Holdings to create a unique version of PUBG Mobile India, which would have been only available for the Indian users. However, the government still didn’t give the green flag to the game.

PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year by the government due to online security threats. Krafton, which is developing the PUBG Mobile: New State, a new Battle Royale game based on 2050, said that India is one of its favourite markets, and the company will ensure that it talks to the government and comes up with a solution for launching the game in the country.

Krafton is all ready to adhere to the local data regulations and provide maximum security to its Indian users so that the game can finally be re-launched in India. The developers have said that the PUBG Mobile India will have customised and new characters to meet the taste of Indian users.

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