Ericsson Launches Radio 6626 for Low Cost Site Upgrades

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The Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson has announced Radio 6626, which is a dual-band three-sector radio to aid communication service providers in increasing their Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) 5G frequency capacity. Ericsson Radio 6626 has been designed to provide multi-standard and multi-band coverage. Not only this but, it is designed to lower the costs and reduce the footprint for the companies rolling out networks. The newest addition in Ericsson’s radio portfolio blends two frequencies and six ports in the same unit. This opens the true potential of the radio to power all three sectors of the tower. Since the Ericsson site towers already have 2G, 3G and 4G radios, the 6T6R supports 2G to 5G mobile standards.

Ericsson Radio 6626 is Powered by Ericsson Silicon

Ericsson Radio 6626, powered by Ericsson Silicon, can provide 720W of power output. It nearly weighs under 45kg. The new offering by Ericsson is available in a 900Mhz and 800Mhz dual-band version along with 1800MHz and 2100Mhz dual-band, Radio 6626 arms CSPs with the external support of boost capacity. Apart from Ericsson Radio 6626, the entity is also launching Voltage Booster 6640. The new offering reduces the need for new cabling and delivers 50% more power through existing cables. Also, the Voltage Booster 6640 is 70% efficient in installation and equipment costs than new cabling.

What Else the Ericsson End-to-End Offering Includes?

The end-to-end offering by Ericsson also includes Baseband 6631 and Microwave-based MINI-LINK 6352. The Ericsson Baseband 6631 is the newest multi-standard RAN Compute pathway for towers that run on 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G technologies. The multi-band booster design adds up to 10Gbps with E-band and increases the backhaul capacity with reduced OPEX and footprint. All the products are specially designed by Ericsson to aid CSPs in rolling out commercial 5G service worldwide.

Ericsson Radio 6626 Will Reduce Radio Footprint and Installation Time

David Hammarwall, who is the Head of Product Line Radio at Ericsson, marked that the latest addition in the Ericsson portfolio offers an opportunity for CSPs to reduce the installation time on the site as well as reduce radio footprint. Also, it lowers the power consumption by up to 50%, and it will help the customers of Ericsson in accelerating 5G coverage with ubiquitous FDD bands.

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