Reliance Jio MNP: Is it the Right Time to Make Jio as Your Primary Number?

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Reliance Jio, the high-flying digital services company led by Mukesh Ambani recently announced the extension of the ‘Welcome offer’ till March 2017. At the same event, the RJIL chairman revealed the full-fledged Mobile Number Portability (MNP) from other networks to Jio.

So, the major question which arises in several people’s mind is that ‘Is it the right time to make Jio as your primary number?’. If you’re the one who has this thought in mind, we got you covered. In this article, we will talk about the Jio’s MNP service and how to port to Reliance Jio from another network. Let’s start with the major question quoted above.

Is it the right time to port to Jio?

It all depends upon you. If you were I, then I should not have ported to Jio. Even though the call drops are reduced to 20 percent, there is still inconsistency in data speeds.

Although Jio is up for fixing the slow internet speeds, it will take some time to get fixed completely. So, I will consider moving to Jio from my existing network at the end of Jio New Year Offer, if the call drops and speed issues are fixed.

Is it a bad idea to port to Jio?

The point mentioned above is from my perspective. So, if you still want to port to Reliance Jio, then it’s up to you. As said earlier, Jio is working hard on decreasing the call drops. So, if you don’t bother about the inconsistent data speeds, then you are eligible to be entitled as one of the customers of Mukesh Ambani’s family.

What is MNP?

Everyone know the meaning of MNP. Mobile Number Portability allows you to retain your existing mobile number when you move from one telecom operator to other. In the past, some rumors were saying that Jio has started MNP service, but they are not true. Mukesh Ambani announced the service availability a couple of days ago.

Major Question- How to Port?

The Reliance Jio MNP process is very simple. Firstly, you need to generate a ‘Unique Porting Code’ (UPC) from your existing mobile number. To create a UPC, just message PORT< your mobile number> to 1900. Within few minutes, you will receive an eight-digit UPC code.

After receiving the eight-digit code, head over to your nearest Reliance Digital store along with your ID proof to further continue the process.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The porting request will take up to 7 working days, and at the same time; you will face ‘no service’ for nearly two hours. And, this is the indication that your mobile number is in the porting stage.
  • If you’re a postpaid customer, then you must clear all your outstanding bill in the current operator. Otherwise, the porting request will be canceled.
  • After generating the UPC, you should complete the porting process within 30 days in all the regions of India, except Jammu and Kashmir, where the UPC validity is limited to 15 days.

Benefits of MNP

The most awaited question. Here’s the answer. All the users who entitle themselves under Jio from another network will be automatically enrolled into the company’s free ‘Jio New Year Offer’ and can enjoy free services till March 2017.

So, these are the complete information regarding the Reliance Jio’s MNP services. If you have any queries, please let us know in comments section. We’re happy to help you.

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