Realme Changing Gears, Planning to Launch a Complete Premium Flagship

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In the recent development of events, Realme has announced that it will be entering the sub-$800 smartphone market. The sub-$800 is the ultra-premium smartphone category and currently, Realme doesn’t have any device in that area. The plan was announced by the CEO of Realme Sky Li via Twitter. However, no further details were provided as to when the customers can see the ultra-premium smartphone by Realme which would cost over $800 (roughly around Rs 59,500).

The Expected Features from Upcoming Flagship Device

As of now, Realme has been making its presence felt at Indian markets and everywhere else through its flagship GT series smartphone. The latest device in the GT series is the Realme GT 5G which has been priced at Rs 37,999 in the Indian market. Another handset Realme GT Neo 2 was launched earlier this year at a price of Rs 31,999. The current smartphones by Realme provide very above average camera systems, however, do provide apt performance for the price it’s available at.

But the introduction of Realme’s ultra-premium smartphone could be a changer for the company. The company has the opportunity to focus on all things important that could turn the device into the ultimate flagship model. The makers can focus on all the important features including display, battery, camera, build quality of the device, and performance. The users can even expect the device to run on Snapdragon 898 SoC which is the upcoming processor from Qualcomm. The manufacturers could also go for 125W fast charging technology for the device keeping in mind that Realme already provides better-charging technology than most.

Realme can also work on the camera specs of the device and can focus on providing a high-end and all-around camera module which is expected at this price point. The ultra-premium smartphone from Realme can come with a larger camera sensor than its current 64MP camera installed in the GT series. Users will also expect a higher resolution ultra-wide-angle camera along with an enhanced telephoto lens.

Since the price of the device would be quite high, it is expected that Realme would focus on the software of the device as well. Dedicated users will be expecting at least four years of scheduled software updates from the company. However, these are just the speculations being made which a device of such calibre should offer.

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