OnePlus sets the OnePlus 2 free from the ‘invite’ system

Ever since its launch, OnePlus pushed its “invite-only” system on the buyers. But now, the company is finally realizing the bad influence that the system inflicted on the sales chart. OnePlus has announced that starting from December 5, the OnePlus 2 is free from the clutches of “invites”, which means that you can buy the device like you buy any other smartphone, without dealing with any crappy pre-requisite.

OnePlus 2 - Headphone Jack

OnePlus’s co-founder, Carl Pei, said in a blog post,“The invite system has been crucial to letting us scale our operations and has given our fans a unique way to share OnePlus with the people in their lives. But we are always trying to enhance the OnePlus experience for you and taking risks to push ourselves and show real improvements. That’s why we’re making the OnePlus 2 invite-free … forever!”

All the interested buyers can very well head to the OnePlus’s online store to purchase the OnePlus 2, starting from December 5. In a rather appealing move, the company has also decided to follow the same strategy with the OnePlus X, but that will be under effect for just a day, only on December 5. OnePlus has also thrown in a bunch of other offers along, such as 50 percent discount on OnePlus 2 StyleSwap covers, 90 percent on plenty of accessories, and around 10 percent on all the other accessories. Also, a limited number of first orders will also get an exclusive “Never Settle mousepad” in a spirit of the holiday season. Interestingly, OnePlus will complete two years of operation on December 17, well time sure does fly, right?

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December 4, 2015 2:19 pm 2:19 PM

That’s coz there isn’t as much demand for it this year as there was last year. The Oneplus one was a more sought after phone coz the nexus 6 was way more expensive than it’s predecessor and people wanted a phone to fill the gap before Google released the nexus 5x with the pocket friendly price tag. Plus the one ran cyanogen os which was it’s USP and the two runs oxygen os which let’s face it is still very immature. So they should’ve seen this coming and maybe they did, which is why they released the Oneplus X.

December 4, 2015 6:09 pm 6:09 PM

Also, No NFC & No Quick Charge features went against OnePlus Two

Adithya Vardhan Tirunagari
December 4, 2015 10:58 am 10:58 AM

Yutopia effect

Prasath J
December 4, 2015 9:41 am 9:41 AM

Well, the 2016 flagship is free from invite in 2015 itself…


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