Nar Introduces 5G Technology in Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Nar becomes the first mobile operator to introduce 5G outside the capital, offering exciting possibilities for subscribers in Sumgait. In addition to the 5G launch, Nar recently unveiled its Signature Call service, offering subscribers a new way to personalize their calls.


  • Nar is the first mobile operator to launch 5G technology in Sumgait, expanding high-speed connectivity beyond the capital.
  • Subscribers can experience 5G by visiting Nar's store in Sumgait or testing the speed on devices connected to the network.
  • Nar offers a free 10GB of 5G internet to new subscribers in Sumgait for testing purposes.

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Nar Introduces 5G Technology in Sumgait, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan, operator Azerfon, operating under the Nar brand, has launched 5G technology in the city of Sumgait. This move makes Nar the first telco to bring ultra-fast 5G connectivity to areas outside the capital, providing subscribers with access to the latest generation of mobile technology.

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Nar brings 5G to Sumgait

Nar subscribers in Sumgait can now experience the power of 5G by visiting Nar's store located at 34 Sulh Street. Nar, in its official release, said users with personal mobile phones that support 5G technology can join the network at the store, while others can test the 5G speed by connecting their devices to the network within the premises.

Complimentary Data to Experience 5G Network

For customers connecting to the 5G network for the first time, Nar is offering a complimentary 10GB of 5G internet. By dialling *775#YES, subscribers can avail themselves of this offer and experience the blazing-fast 5G speeds in Sumgait throughout the day.

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Nar said its coverage reached 99 percent of the population with a reliable network. Furthermore, the geographical coverage extends to 98 percent of Azerbaijan, ensuring that customers can enjoy seamless connectivity across the country.

All-new Signature Call service

In addition to the 5G launch, Nar recently unveiled its "Signature Call" service, offering subscribers a new way to personalize their calls. By adding a signature to their calls, callers can display their name or a specific text to the recipient, allowing them to identify the caller and the purpose of the call at a glance.

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The monthly subscription fee for corporate tariffs is 1.99 AZN, while prepaid tariffs are charged at 0.10 AZN per day. Nar said Corporate customers can also enjoy a 30-day free trial period, while individual users have a 3-day trial to experience the service before making a purchase.

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With the introduction of 5G technology and innovative services like "Signature Call," Nar continues to enhance the digital experiences of its subscribers, solidifying its position as a telecommunications provider in Azerbaijan.

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