OneWeb Launch 19 Expands Constellation to 634 Satellites

OneWeb successfully deploys 16 satellites, including innovative JoeySat, advancing towards global coverage and revolutionizing satellite communications.


  • OneWeb deploys 16 satellites, strengthening its constellation for global service coverage.
  • JoeySat introduces beam-hopping capability, allowing seamless switching and dynamic signal adjustment.
  • With 634 satellites in orbit, OneWeb is on track to deliver global coverage this year.

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OneWeb Confirms Successful Deployment of 16 Satellites

OneWeb, a prominent provider of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communications, has achieved a significant milestone with the successful deployment of 16 satellites, solidifying its constellation and progressing towards global service coverage.

This launch 19th included the deployment of JoeySat, a satellite designed to test a revolutionary beam-hopping capability, enabling seamless switching between different locations on Earth while adapting communication signal strength according to customer demands.

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OneWeb Launch 19 Liftoff

OneWeb said the liftoff took place on May 20, 2023, at 6:16 PT from Space Launch Complex 4 East (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. OneWeb's satellites were efficiently separated from the launch vehicle and dispensed in eight phases over a span of 1 hour and 26 minutes.

OneWeb confirmed signal acquisition on all 16 satellites, marking OneWeb's fourth successful launch in collaboration with SpaceX.

With a total of 634 satellites now in orbit, OneWeb remains on track to provide global coverage by the end of this year and is actively scaling its services for customers worldwide. The addition of the newly deployed satellites from this mission significantly enhances the resilience and redundancy of the OneWeb constellation.

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Innovative JoeySat Enhances Capabilities

The highlight of this launch is the inclusion of JoeySat, the 16th satellite deployed today. Developed through a partnership program between the European Space Agency and UKSA Sunrise, JoeySat features an innovative payload design that will demonstrate the capabilities of digital regenerative processing, electronically steered multi-beam arrays, as well as digital beamforming and beam-hopping technologies.

These advanced functionalities, planned for integration into OneWeb's Gen 2 constellation, offer enhanced flexibility and capacity to customers. This optimization of resources will enable real-time management of surges in commercial demand and facilitate rapid responses during emergencies, such as natural disasters.

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Support 5G Connectivity

This new digital payload was developed in the United Kingdom under the Sunrise program partnership with Satixfy UK. JoeySat also plays a vital role in comprehensive system validations, including testing innovative features like 5G Pilot Tests.

Collaborations with prominent entities such as the University of Surrey UK, Celestia UK, and Satixfy UK will pave the way for the creation of an interoperable network that integrates space and ground assets, enabling seamless backhaul management to support 5G connectivity.

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JoeySat Carries Radiation Monitor

JoeySat also carries a Radiation Monitor developed in collaboration with partners Oledcomm and Advacam. This instrument will measure and monitor the radiation environment in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), providing critical information to OneWeb and the scientific community for future missions.

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