[Video] HTC One M9 fully revealed in a leaked advertisement, former product manager says it’s the real deal

By February 26th, 2015 AT 2:04 AM

On Tuesday, a few videos surfaced which appeared to be the first teasers of the yet unannounced HTC One phone, the M9. The first video seemed to be flaunting the phone’s 20-megapixel rear-facing camera while the other was a promo for the device. However, the thing that stood out most in both these videos was the uncanny similarity of the new device to the current flagship model, the HTC One M8. Although the bezels have been reduced and the Duo Camera was noticeably absent, the overall look and feel remained the same.

There was initial hope that the videos are fake since HTC had claimed to be using decoys to trick the media and public from getting a peek at their unannounced device. However this was quickly quashed on Tuesday following a tweet from Leigh Mommi, a former HTC product manager who confirmed the validity of the videos. “The whole cat is out of the bag” she tweeted adding, “no surprise there”.  Currently working at Cyanogen, she said that she would get the gun metal version of the M9. Although it could be said that Mommi could be playing along with her former employer in keeping up with the decoys, it seems unlikely.

However, this does not mean that we should not be expecting any surprises at the big release of the HTC One M9 ahead of the MWC 2015. A tweet sent out by Jeff Gordon, the Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC claimed that the best parts of the new product are the parts we have no idea about. He could be hinting at the HTC One M9 Plus, which could be equipped with Duo camera, a larger display, and a fingerprint sensor.

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