How to Stop JioTunes Service by Yourself?

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With more than 400 million subscribers, Reliance Jio is the leading telecom operator in India. The telco is touching new heights every year and provides a plethora of services to its customers. For calling, Jio allows users to set a caller tune with ‘JioTunes’ service. But after a point, it can become exhaustive, old, or just boring. So if you want to deactivate or stop JioTunes service by yourself, you can do it in three easy methods. These three methods are - a) SMS, b) using ‘MyJio’ app, and c) IVR.

Steps for Stopping JioTunes Services

Let’s start with the first step mentioned above, which is ‘SMS’. There are two numbers you can send an SMS on. The first number is ‘56789’. You can send ‘Stop’ to 56789 and follow the process to stop your JioTunes subscription. Another number is ‘155223’ on which you can send ‘Stop’ and decide whether you want to stop the JioTunes subscription or the Tone subscription.

Coming to the second method, you can use the ‘MyJio’ app for stopping your JioTunes service. Download the app if you don’t have it already. Then log-in with your Jio number. Once logged in, go to the ‘My Subscriptions’ page; then tap on the ‘Deactivate JioTune’ option present at the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to confirm your move, tap on the ‘Yes’ button and you will get a pop-up once the service has been deactivated successfully.

The third method for deactivating your JioTunes service is using the ‘IVR’ method. Go to your mobile’s keypad and dial ‘155223’ and follow the IVR to select the appropriate options for deactivating your JioTunes service. Once the service is successfully deactivated, you will get an SMS for the same on your device.

These are the three methods which you can follow to deactivate the JioTunes service whenever you want.

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