How to Activate Jio International Roaming Service?

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The largest telecom operator of India, Reliance Jio, offers multiple services and benefits to cater to the different needs of its users. One of the services that aid the user when they travel abroad is the international roaming service. In case you are not aware, Reliance Jio offers an international roaming service that allows users to use their Jio SIM while travelling to foreign countries. With the help of international service, Jio users can enjoy the benefits and services of the telco in nearly 170 countries. Follow the article to the end to get a complete guide on the activation of international roaming in Jio number.

Activating International Roaming Service Through Jio Website

To activate the international roaming service through the Jio website, click on sign in and enter your Jio mobile number for OTP. Once you get the OTP, sign in and click on the Settings option, which is located in the right-hand corner of the screen. Select manage service.

Turn on the international roaming (IR) by sliding the button towards the right. Once submitted, you can increase the credit limit of your account. If you have sufficient credit in your prepaid account, click on proceed option. Jio will share a flash message that will state that your request for IR has been successfully submitted along with a reference number. Once the IR is activated, Jio will send a notification message.

Activating International Roaming Service Through MyJio app

Jio users can also activate international roaming service through the MyJio app. To active IR services, open the app and click on activate ‘ISD/Intl roaming’ on the MyJio home screen. Tap on the activate button. Once done, Jio will send a notification message after the IR has been successfully submitted. You can also increase the credit limit to purchase a pack. Choose your preference and finalise the activation.

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