Four Korean Dramas To Watch This Winter Season

K-dramas possess a unique talent for weaving captivating romantic tales into the coziest winter settings, creating an ideal combination to melt even the coldest hearts.


  • Immortal goblin seeks his bride amidst breathtaking winter wonderlands in Goblin.
  • Mermaid's love for a con man unfolds in magical winter scenes of Legend of the Blue Sea.
  • Weightlifter Bok Joo charms with wintery cuteness and a heartwarming sports story.

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Four Korean Dramas To Watch This Winter Season
Winter is the perfect time to curl up under your covers, and what better way to embrace the colder months than with some heartwarming K-dramas? A delightful variety of K-dramas with a winter theme awaits, promising to keep you glued to your screens all season long as you snuggle up in bed with a warm blanket and a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

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You've likely already watched this highly recommended fantasy romance, and revisiting it doesn't hurt because it's that good. Created by the renowned author Kim Eun Sook, the story revolves around Kim Shin (Yoo), an immortal goblin on a mission to find his bride, the one who can free him from his perpetual pain by removing the sword lodged in his chest. Enter Eun Tak (Go Eun), a high school girl with the power to sense ghosts, who happens to be the goblin's chosen wife. This K-drama not only offers an engrossing plot but also presents breathtaking winter vistas that will captivate viewers.

Where to watch: Netflix, MX Player

Legend Of The Blue Sea

Viewers are treated to a stunning scene of a beach covered in snow in the enchanting television series "Legend of the Blue Sea," living up to its magical premise. Starring Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun, the show draws inspiration from a classic Joseon legend. The story revolves around a fisherman who catches a mermaid, and the subsequent narrative explores the mermaid's love for a charming con man. Despite its unusual structure, the plot is interesting and engrossing. The drama's climactic sequence set against the backdrop of a snowy beach is perhaps the most spectacular winter scene on our list.

Where to watch: Rakuten Viki, Netflix

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The beauty and simplicity of this charming sports drama, centered around weightlifter and university student Bok Joo (played by Sung Kyung), have won over our hearts. It deserves a spot on our must-watch list, particularly for the endearing moments, especially during the winter sequences where characters don cute sweaters and scarves. The engrossing story has viral sequences, showcasing its lasting popularity and ageless appeal.

Where to watch: Netflix, Amazon Mini Tv

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Romance Is A Bonus Book

Indulge in a lovely rom-com marathon with "Romance Is A Bonus Book." The show follows the journey of Na Young's character, Kang Dani, a recently divorced single mother trying to reenter the workforce. The love tale is told with all the ingredients to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The main actors add an extra element of coziness by holding hands and taking strolls through the city in winter, charming viewers with their on-screen chemistry.

Where to watch: Netflix

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