Five Must-Watch Thai Dramas for Your Binge-Watch List

Prepare for the upcoming major trend: Thai dramas! You're probably going to enjoy these compelling series if you're already a fan of Asian television. We've compiled a list of the top Thai dramas that you should binge-watch below.


  • Full House is a heartwarming romantic comedy about a writer who falls in love with the new owner of her home.
  • The Gifted is a thrilling mystery drama about a group of students who uncover a dark secret at their school.
  • The Judgement is a powerful social commentary on the dangers of cyberbullying.

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five must watch thai dramas on ott

Thai dramas serve as the perfect alternative if you've exhausted every K-drama on Netflix and are in search of something equally compelling, addictive, and emotional. Most likely, if you're a fan of Asian television, you've already watched and binged on numerous Thai dramas.

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Thai dramas deliver captivating stories revolving around life, adversity, and love, much like their Korean counterparts. So, grab some popcorn as we present our top five recommendations for Thai dramas that you absolutely must watch.

Full House

'Full House' is based on the 2004 K-drama that played a pivotal role in the global popularity of Korean entertainment. The story centers on Aom Am (Sushar Manaying), a writer who is deceived and loses her home while visiting Korea. She crosses paths with the new owner, a renowned actor named Mike (Mike Angelo), and they decide to enter a one-year contract marriage. However, they soon discover that their relationship goes beyond the economic arrangement as they start to fall in love.

Available on YouTube

The Gifted

'The Gifted' offers a compelling choice for viewers seeking a more intense and serious drama. The narrative focuses on Ritdha High School's elite "Gifted" program, which only admits students with exceptional talents. Pang, from the lowest-ranked class, overcomes all odds to pass the test and gain admission to the prestigious Gifted Program. As Pang and his new friends participate in the program, they begin to notice peculiarities that lead them to question the class. Pang's curiosity prompts him to investigate a dark secret within the Gifted program, setting the stage for an intriguing and thrilling story.

Available on YouTube

The Judgement

'The Judgement' sheds light on a toxic culture influenced by rumors, gossip, and the significant role of social media. The series takes viewers on a tense and emotional journey. Lokkaew, a 20-year-old college student, addresses the school assembly about the negative culture before taking a drastic step. The narrative then delves into a tragic event that occurred at a party, leading to Lokkaew becoming the target of cyberbullying. The title, "The Judgement," aptly captures the intense scrutiny and condemnation she experiences as the plot unfolds.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Girl From Nowhere

With two gripping seasons, the Thai thriller series "Girl from Nowhere" is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. The enigmatic character Nanno, portrayed by Chicha Amatayakul, commonly known as Kitty, is at the heart of the story. Nanno is a mysterious 11th-grader who attends multiple private schools in Thailand. Her mission is to expose the lies, hypocrisies, and misdeeds of both faculty members and students, and she will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. 'Girl from Nowhere' offers an exhilarating viewing experience with its suspenseful plot and captivating protagonist.

Where to watch: Netflix


Thai dramas are renowned for their versatility in covering a wide range of genres, and coming-of-age stories are one area where they truly excel. "O-Negative," which explores the lives of five college students with the same blood type, is a shining example of this prowess. Through their experiences, we witness friendships, love, and the challenges of balancing academic life with personal aspirations. This compelling drama provides a captivating glimpse into the growth, learning, and path-forging of young adults.

Where to watch: YouTube

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In a world of endless entertainment choices, Thai dramas have risen to prominence, offering a captivating blend of storytelling, emotion, and cultural diversity.

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