Five Supernatural Korean Dramas to Watch on OTT Platforms

Korean dramas have garnered a global fanbase with their captivating stories, and the supernatural genre has become a standout favorite. These dramas seamlessly blend mythical creatures, intriguing narratives, and rich cultural elements, offering viewers a magical escape into the world of K-Drama enchantment.


  • The Uncanny Counter: A disabled teenager joins a group of Counters, individuals gifted with extraordinary supernatural powers.
  • Legend of the Blue Sea: A mermaid and a con man fall in love in a visually stunning and intense drama inspired by South Korean legend.
  • Goblin: A renowned military leader from the past cursed with immortality embarks on a quest to find a bride who can break his curse.

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five supernatural korean dramas to watch ott

Korean dramas seamlessly blend mythical creatures such as goblins, mermaids, vampires, and nine-tailed foxes into their stories to add a unique twist. These supernatural characters play pivotal roles in combining elements of comedy, historical settings, and romance. Often, the protagonists in South Korean supernatural dramas possess the ability to encounter these legendary beings.

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These horror-comedy and even horror-romantic comedy K-dramas provide a perfect binge-watching experience for viewers seeking a touch of the paranormal.

In this article, we explore five supernatural Korean dramas available on Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms:

The Uncanny Counter

Debuting on Netflix in 2020, 'The Uncanny Counter' swiftly gained popularity. The series follows a disabled teenager haunted by eerie memories of his parents' tragic accident. His life takes a mysterious turn when he joins a group of Counters, individuals with extraordinary supernatural powers. As the story unfolds, the protagonist's quest to reunite with his deceased parents intersects with other characters' journeys, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.
Platform: Netflix

Legend Of The Blue Sea

'Legend of the Blue Sea' is a visually stunning and intense drama inspired by South Korean legend. It revolves around the enchanting love story between a mermaid and a con man. Set against the backdrop of the Joseon era, the series bridges the gap between ancient history and the present, creating a captivating connection between the two timelines.
Platform: Viki, Netflix


Synopsis: 'Goblin,' also known as 'Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,' is a standout in the South Korean supernatural genre. The story centers on Kim Shin, a renowned military leader cursed with immortality due to his past actions. Now living for centuries, he becomes the enigmatic Goblin, tasked with guarding souls. His journey takes a fascinating turn as he searches for a bride who can break his enduring curse.
Platform: Viki, Netflix

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Oh My Ghost

This 2015 series approaches the supernatural theme with a lighthearted touch. It follows a timid girl who becomes possessed by the spirit of a more outgoing young woman. The spirit aims to fulfill unaccomplished goals from her time on Earth, leading to entertaining and challenging situations. When the ghost expresses a desire for a romantic encounter with the girl's boss, a famous and flirtatious chef, things get even more complicated.
Platform: Viki

A Korean Odyssey

'A Korean Odyssey,' set in 2017, offers a contemporary take on the classic 'Journey to the West' tale from 16th-century China. In this realm, dark powers collide as two Kings representing heaven and hell engage in a fierce battle. The show was highly popular during its run and skillfully captured the grandeur of its epic source material. It introduces a group of endearing young individuals grappling with personal challenges and facing the crucial decision of choosing between good and evil.
Platform: Netflix

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The enchantment of these supernatural Korean dramas lies not only in their mystical narratives but also in their ability to transport viewers into a world of magic, mystery, and cultural richness. As K-Dramas continue to find a global audience, these series stand as shining examples of the genre's allure.

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