English Films and Series That Predicted Future Events

Did you realize that certain English films and programs have foretold future events? Here are some examples of when these shows and movies hinted at what might happen in the future.


  • The Simpsons foreshadowed Donald Trump's presidency and aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Black Mirror envisioned a virtual reality metaverse, reflecting on the impact of technology.
  • Her explored themes of loneliness and intimacy in a digital world.

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English Films and Series That Predicted Future Events
English films and television series are well-known for their unusual concepts. Many of their films and television shows revolve around themes such as time travel, artificial intelligence, mental illness, the apocalypse, and the end of the world. These films are highly thrilling, and some are also based on true stories. However, what surprises us the most are several films and television series that have unintentionally foreseen future events.

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If you want to have your mind blown, here are several English movies and series to watch that foretold events that occurred many years later.

The Simpsons

'The Simpsons' is a television series that has continually hinted at a variety of future occurrences. The cartoon series has foretold future events, including Donald Trump's win and the spread of the coronavirus. It also prophesied the drowning of the submarine in 2023, as well as the advent of smartwatches.

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Black Mirror

If you are prepared to have your mind blown, then you must watch 'Black Mirror'. This television show made huge predictions about technology and how it would affect people's lives. One of the episodes in the series predicted the creation of the metaverse. In the episode, humans live in tight box-like rooms and play games to gain points and survive.

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The Hollywood science fiction romance film 'Her', starring Joaquin Phoenix, is one that will stay with me. The plot revolves around a man who is on the verge of being divorced but has already split from his wife. Due to loneliness, he engages in talks with a voice assistant and falls for her.

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The Disney Pixar film 'Wall-E' projected how human life would develop in the presence of technology. The film depicts mankind living aboard a gigantic spaceship when Earth becomes uninhabitable. These folks cannot even stand; instead, they lie on a sleeping cushion that allows them to eat and move around.

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From cultural commentary to speculative fiction, these films and series serve as both entertainment and a mirror to our collective fears, hopes, and aspirations.

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