BSNL STV-49 Offers 2GB Data and Free Voice Calling to Customers

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BSNL keeps on introducing new offers and plans for its customers to keep them happy. There are some really unique prepaid plans which the telco offers and none of the others do giving an upper-hand to BSNL. Yet the reason why BSNL hasn’t capitalised on the market is that it hasn’t introduced its 4G services yet. Just a few days back we reported on how 4G can change things for BSNL. Everyone’s rooting for the telco to bring 4G as fast as possible. Coming back to the interesting plans which the telco offers, there is the STV-49. It was introduced a few days back and is offered for a limited time only.

BSNL STV-49 Comes With 2GB of Data

The BSNL STV-49 came on the list of offerings from September 1, 2020. It is going to be on offer for 90 days only. The STV-49 comes with 2GB data benefit. That is all the data that you are going to get for free which makes sense because the STV is priced at Rs 49 only. With the data, the customer is eligible to get 100 minutes of free call only. After that, the calls would be charged at 45 paisa per minute. Along with the data and voice calling, there are a total of 100 free SMS as well. The STV-49 comes with a validity of 28 days only which is good for people who just want a plan for short-term. Selfcare Keyword for the STV 49 is - ‘STV COMBO49’.

One of the many upsides of this plan is that none of the other telcos is offering anything like this. It comes with 28 days of validity for such a small price. For someone who doesn’t use their phone much for data but only calling, this plan is great. Even if the call charge of 45 paisa per minute is charged, it won’t become extraordinarily expensive in 28 days. Adding to that, there are 100 minutes of free calling given as well. This plan is also good for customers who just want to keep their BSNL SIM card active. It doesn’t cost too much and can be used in case of an emergency for making calls or when you just need extra data.

BSNL offers a number of prepaid plans which are priced under Rs 100 like this one. There are two plans — Rs 94 and Rs 95 which were introduced just a few weeks back in July. These plans come with a validity of 90 days initially and can be extended using prepaid vouchers. Both the plans come with 3GB of data benefit and 100 minutes of free calling which can be utilised on the home network and on roaming in Delhi and Mumbai circles. The benefits are to be consumed within the first 90 days only or else they will expire.

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