Is Broadband Better For Work or Can You Rely On 4G Mobile Data?

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4G has spread all across India, leaving only select parts of the country. It is currently the fastest mobile network available with 5G on the way by the end of 2021 or early 2022. Broadband internet has also become very popular since the time pandemic hit the world. More specifically, people rely a lot on fiber broadband for working, learning, and getting entertainment at their homes. So, the big question is, do you require broadband for work or can you rely on 4G mobile data for that? You don’t want to be paying for both if you don’t need both right? The answer to this question is mentioned ahead.

Broadband Internet or Mobile Data for Work?

The answer comes down to more of what you require from your internet connection. If you live in a good network area and your telecom service provider has a good reputation for providing consistent speed and service even during peak hours, you might not need a broadband connection.

But do note that with mobile data, you cannot get 100 Mbps or for that matter, even 20-50 Mbps speeds consistently. So if your work involves a lot of downloading/uploading big files, running programs that consume a lot of data, or if your mobile network is connected to multiple devices for work, then mobile data might not be sufficient for you.

Broadband connections are generally regarded as the better option for work because of the consistency, stability, and fast-speed they can provide. With a fiber connection, you will never have to worry about frequent network drops or network congestion. You can also get speeds of up to 1 Gbps which means you can connect multiple devices to the same network without worrying about speed drops.

For most users, 200 Mbps or even a 100 Mbps broadband fiber plan is the perfect option if they connect multiple devices to the network and work from home.

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