Bharti Airtel Deployed Additional Spectrum in the North Eastern Part of India

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Bharti Airtel

Bharti Airtel is going toe-to-toe with Reliance Jio in deploying additional spectrum around the country to improve network services. The second-largest telecom operator of India has deployed more spectrum in the North-Eastern part of the country now. With this move, the operator has deployed spectrum in several parts of the country in the recent weeks. In the North East, Bharti Airtel has deployed 10 MHz of spectrum in the 2300 MHz band. This will help the operator boost the network capacity and will further result in a better network experience for the users.

Bharti Airtel Further Deployed Pre-5G Massive MIMO and Other Advanced Technologies

Along with the additional spectrum, Bharti Airtel has further deployed advanced technologies to boost network services in the region. Technologies including 4G Advanced, Carrier Aggregation (CA), and pre-5G Massive MIMO have been deployed by Bharti Airtel in the region to bring the best out of its networks.

With the deployment of an additional spectrum, Bharti Airtel is also gearing up to launch 5G networks in the country as soon as possible. The recent investments on the spectrum from Bharti Airtel aren’t just to improve 4G, but also to become capable enough to launch 5G services using the existing airwaves.

The telecom operator already has airwaves in diverse frequency bands, including 2300/2100/1800/900 MHz. With this spectrum portfolio, the telco has a 5G ready network. The Chief Executive Officer of Bharti Airtel (North East and Assam region), Sovan Mukherjee, said that the company is working aggressively in expanding its network in the North East to provide its users living in the region with world-class mobile connectivity services.

It is worth noting that much recently, Bharti Airtel also deployed additional spectrum in the Assam region. In Assam, the telco added 10 MHz of spectrum in the 2300 MHz band. Overall, Bharti Airtel is strengthening its spectrum portfolio in the 2300 MHz band in North-Eastern India.

With the addition of 10 MHz of spectrum in the 2300 MHz band, Airtel now has a total of 70 MHz spectrum across several bands in the North East. This makes Airtel the operator with the largest spectrum holdings in the region.

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