Here’s How Bharti Airtel’s 4G Roll Out in Ladakh is Creating a Revolution

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Sonam Wangchuk seems like a real-life version of the unforgettable protagonist from the movie 3 Idiots. The impression that Sonam’s work has left on the minds of people is pretty commendable, and also his work in education has changed the lives of many. The renowned person had some very interesting insight to share about 4G networks in Ladakh in his latest Facebook post.


Sonam took it to Facebook to express his gratitude for the availability of Airtel 4G network in Ladakh. He said that the day was ‘very special’ to him. According to him, it was the first time that a person conducted a live seminar over the web addressing a group of students in Ladakh. The group that Sonam addressed were 250 or so Ladakhi students who were sitting in Chandigarh, later that day Sonam also did a webinar with students of VNIT, Nagpur.

The educationist admiringly thanked Airtel and their services to provide him with this opportunity. Also, he believes that the 4G internet might really be a digital revolution whereby it can change lives of thousands of students by getting them relevant study materials and creating for them an access channel for information which had been absent before especially for regions like Ladakh.


Sonam didn’t forget to add that internet is like a two-edged sword where he raised concerns about the unregulated use by people and how the misuse of\ technology can actually bring undesired results. He also added a word or two of caution directed towards the younger people warning them about how the internet can be used for wrong purposes. Sonam seemed excited with the recent development that Airtel made in the Ladakh region and was eager to test out the extent of usability of the internet in his locale.

Despite some minor glitches in the stream, Wangchuk’s webinar went flawlessly, and he has plans to spread his ideas and spoken word using this newly found channel. Concluding his Facebook post, he added that he is going to try to do a Live Video on Facebook on the 10th of March 9 PM discussing more about the pros and cons and how the internet can affect the society of Ladakh.

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