Best Broadband Plans to Choose Under Rs 1000 in India

There are some really good broadband plans that you can get under Rs 1,000 in India from BSNL, Airtel, Tata Sky and ACT

People prefer broadband connections over mobile networks for a variety of reasons. One of them is stability and another is speed. Broadband connections are very secure as well. But let’s face it, they are very expensive. Even though they are better than 4G networks, they are much more expensive as well. Fiber broadband connections are even more expensive. At the same time though, they are worth it. If you want not so expensive broadband plan but one which still provides you with good speed, then you should look for plans which are priced below Rs 1,000. Keep reading ahead to find the best broadband plans under Rs 1,000 in India.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Entertainment Plan

Airtel Xstream Fiber has become one of the most popular FTTH services in India. Airtel has been very fast in expanding its fiber connection services and it has paid off well for the telco. Talking about one of the best plans it offers under Rs 1,000 is the Entertainment Plan. It comes for Rs 999 and offers 300GB data with up to 200 Mbps speed. You get other benefits such as Airtel Thanks Gold membership. A free subscription of Amazon Prime Video, Airtel Xstream Premium, ZEE5 Premium and much more is included. One thing to note is that the amount mentioned is exclusive of taxes.

ACT 75 Mbps Speed Plan

ACT is also becoming very popular in the space of internet service providers (ISPs). It offers the ‘ACT Rapid Plus’ plan for a monthly rental of Rs 985. With the plan, you will get 350GB data for the month. If you exhaust the data, your internet speed will drop to 512 Kbps. There are no other benefits included with this plan.

ACT 40 Mbps Speed Plan

Another Plan from ACT which makes it to the list is ACT Swift. It offers 40 Mbps speed along with 200GB monthly data. Once your data is exhausted for the month, the speeds will drop to 512 Kbps. It comes for a monthly rental of Rs 710.

BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 900

The BSNL BB Home Combo ULD 900 plan comes for Rs 900 per month. With this broadband plan from BSNL, you will be offered 10 Mbps speed till the first 15GB data for the day. After exhausting the 15GB data, speed will be drop to 2 Mbps. You also get a landline connection with unlimited calling.

BSNL Bharat Fiber Superstar 500

The BSNL Bharat Fiber Superstar 500 plan comes for Rs 949. But this one comes with 500GB data for the month at 50 Mbps speed. Beyond the 500GB data, your internet speed will drop down to 2 Mbps. With this BSNL plan as well you get the facility of landline with unlimited calling.

Tata Sky Broadband Rs 950 Unlimited Broadband Plan

The first and foremost benefit that you get with this plan is that offers unlimited data throughout the month. The speed of the internet will be 25 Mbps. While its nothing too high, it is not bad as well. With the plan, you will get a free router and safe custody as well.

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Why are you not mentioning about railwire plans which is owned by Indian Railways. They offer flat 10 Mbps for Rs. 499, 20 Mbps for Rs. 599, 50 Mbps for 799 and 100 Mbps for 999 exclusive of service tax. I think these plans are very affordable compared to other ISP. I am getting assured speed and no down time in my connection.

Bsnl, Railwire

Many other ISPs are providing much cheaper plans than these, so there’s no point mentioning Railwire. 50 Mbps for 499 to 599 is pretty much the standard now. Some might be even cheaper. Telling somebody to get a 10 Mbps connection for 499 is like getting them duped.


I think railwire has covered pan India as like BSNL. So mentioning about railwire is necessary now a days. I don’t know about the regional ISP who give more data for cheaper rates. If you have a good affordable ftth connection plans kindly share the ISP details please.

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