Apple iPhone Xc is a Colourful and Affordable Apple iPhone X Concept

The Apple iPhone X is probably the best iPhone you can buy now. But it’s not for everyone. Some might stay away from the iPhone X due to its 1000$ or Rs 89,000 starting price tag, while some will stay away due to the edge-to-edge display. Don’t take us wrong here; The iPhone X has one of the best display on any smartphone right now, however, some might be scared of dropping it and eventually end up in a mess.


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Imaging the iPhone X’ design in a compact and lesser price tag? Well, this would be a dream for many people out there who can’t afford an iPhone X. Meet Apple iPhone Xc– an interesting concept created by iDropNews recently for all the users who’re looking for an alternate of iPhone X. But take a note that this is just a concept and there won’t be any real product of iPhone Xc from the house of Apple. However, idropnews shares some decent reasons on why Apple should consider making an iPhone Xc for its consumers, and yes, at the same time, the publication even highlighted why Apple itself need an iPhone Xc.


Firstly, the Apple iPhone Xc will be a direct successor to the iPhone 5c released in several colours in 2013. The iPhone Xc concept takes a lot of design cues from the original 5c released four years ago. That said, the iPhone Xc will have an iPhone X-like notch on the front, but the device will be constructed out of plastic.

All the iPhone X features should present on the iPhone Xc, but the highlight of the smartphone would be its price tag and target consumers. As stated earlier, the iPhone X is an insane piece of hardware on paper, and at the same time, it’s insanely priced. iDropNews imagines the price of the iPhone Xc between $449 and $549.


With features such as the Truedepth camera system, Animoji, dual rear cameras, Apple A11 Bionic or Apple A12 chipset, and a price tag of less $600, the iPhone Xc will be a treat for the consumers out there. Hopefully, Apple is listening to this concept and makes the rumoured iPhone Xc a real product.

Are you disappointed with the price tag of iPhone X in India and the US? Do you need a smaller iPhone X with same features like the imagined iPhone Xc? Let us know by commenting below.

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December 11, 2017 5:03 pm 5:03 PM
I hope Apple does something a little more sane. 1. Keep the depth camera technology but let it be a small bezel instead of a notch. Ged rid of the all UI problems related to the notch. 2. A fingerprint sensor at the back so that using the iPhone does not need learning new gestures. Unlock and one click actions on iPhone 7 and 8 also work on Xc. 3. Reduce Costs – Can drop a few low usage features like wireless charging and use a cheaper construction in plastic to reduce costs further. By low usage, I simply mean… Read more »
December 11, 2017 11:57 am 11:57 AM

I am sure everyone wants to own a iPhone, but cannot effort one, we all know what it means to own an iPhone in our hands.

Kagana rightly said” It’s mostly not the rich, who is buying iPhones, just the people who feel the compulsion or urge to show that they are rich buy them mostly, (not everyone but many of them)”

Anshul Sharma
December 11, 2017 4:57 am 4:57 AM

Yeah obviously iPhone X is the most expensive device by Apple and according to me, it is not worth spending 89k or 1.02 lac on it. In that price you can buy 3 OnePlus 5T’s ? and yeah the concept of iPhone xc is good but Apple should keep price between that $500 mark otherwise it will be a blunder. “A device of no use with just a Apple logo at the back of it”