Airtel Rewards123 Savings Account for Rs 299 Offers Multiple Benefits to Users

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Airtel is offering users ‘Airtel Rewards123’ savings bank account only for a minimal cost of Rs 299 (inclusive of GST). Users who want to open an Airtel Rewards123 savings account can go to the Airtel Thanks app and then to the Airtel Payments Bank and create an account there. Users who have a normal bank/Bharosa savings bank account can also upgrade to a Rewards123 savings account. To do that, users will have to go on the Airtel Thanks app, then go to the bank landing page where the ‘upgrade to Rewards123’ option is there on the ‘View Profile’ card. When the transaction is completed successfully, all the benefits of the Airtel Rewards123 savings account will be unlocked for the user.

Airtel Rewards123 Savings Account Terms and Conditions

For the user to be eligible for upgrading the normal bank/Bharosa savings account to a Rewards123 account, he/she should be an active customer of Airtel. It means that the user’s account must not be freeze due to inactivity.

Adding to this, if the user makes the payment and the money is deducted from his/her bank account and the benefits haven’t been unlocked, the money will be refunded to the user within 3 working days.

Also, if the user has upgraded from his/her Bharosa savings account, the benefits of cashbacks and insurance associated with the Bharosa account will be terminated and won’t be transferred.

Benefits of Airtel Rewards123 Savings Account

The benefits associated with the bank account is an annual cashback of up to Rs 960. On every loading of Rs 1,000 through UPI, the user would be eligible to receive 1% cashback (up to Rs 10 per month).

Any purchases of a minimum Rs 1,000 would entail a cashback of 2% (up to Rs 40 per month). Adding to this, a flat cashback of Rs 30 will be given to the user provided he/she goes for at least a minimum recharge of Rs 225 for either mobile or broadband services.

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