Airtel announces unified 3G and 4G data plans for Kolkata circle

To promote “4G at 3G rates”, Airtel has silently revised data plans for its prepaid users in Kolkata circle. Prior to this, Airtel was offering separate denominations for 4G and 3G data plans in Kolkata, but in the recent revision they have unified the data plans for 3G & 4G speeds.


Check out the revised unified data rates in the table below.

Airtel Unified Data Plans with details
Price 4G/3G Data Benefit Validity
Rs 23 60 MB 3 Days
Rs 48 175 MB 7 Days
Rs 99 300 MB 14 Days
Rs 199 600 MB 28 Days
Rs 251 1 GB 28 Days
Rs 265 1 GB + Wynk Plus 28 Days
Rs 351 1.5 GB 28 Days
Rs 449 2 GB 28 Days
Rs 652 3 GB 28 Days
Rs 749 4 GB Unlimited 28 Days
Rs 849 5 GB Unlimited 28 Days
Rs 949 6 GB Unlimited 28 Days
Rs 1249 10 GB Unlimited 28 Days
Rs 1499 12 GB Unlimited 28 Days

Unlike earlier, all the 4G data plans that are available for Kolkata circle (both post-paid & pre-paid) will now allow fall-back to 3G speeds. With the launch of unified 3G/4G data pack, Airtel is trying to promote “4G at 3G rates” across India in the hope of attracting new 4G users and improving 4G adoption rate.

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Recently, Airtel announced that its 4G network is active in 296+ cities, and that customers can seamlessly connect with their closed ones through its blazing fast 4G LTE network.

All the 4G plans for Kolkata circle in both postpaid and prepaid segments are now also allowing 3G fallback which they weren’t allowing in the past. With the launch of unified 3G/4G data pack, Airtel is on its way to promote ‘4G at 3G rates’ pan-India to attract new 4G users and increase 4G adoption rate.

Do share your views and thoughts on these unified 3G/4G data plans in the comments section below

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38 Comments on "Airtel announces unified 3G and 4G data plans for Kolkata circle"


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November 15, 2015 11:07 am 11:07 AM

Pls tell which has the fastest internet flawlessly in golpark area, pls suggest me.I have Vodafone 3g but mostly it gives 2g speed.I used airtel 3g also,but its same like Vodafone,pls tell me the network provider which will give me flawlessly fastest internet service in golpark area.

Jyotirmoy Manna
November 15, 2015 4:21 pm 4:21 PM

There is no mobile internetSP so reliable in this circle.

August 9, 2015 3:26 am 3:26 AM

thats why i am satisfied with slow speed but i will be able to download 100gb at just 800-1k in cdma evdo

Jyotirmoy Manna
November 15, 2015 4:37 pm 4:37 PM

Rs.256,4gb, 28 days

August 9, 2015 9:42 pm 9:42 PM

hello bhai konsa evdo plane use karte ho please tell me

August 8, 2015 11:08 pm 11:08 PM
I have been using Airtel’s 4G for the last one month and I really love it. Coverage still not the best like their 3G but I still get access to their service at most places I visit. Although I cannot guarantee the same experience for everyone. Speeds are decent. I don’t need more. Living in Kolkata I am used to slower speeds on broadband as well as mobile networks. Calls process well with their awesome 3G network. It has been quite a few months and their 3G service has still not degraded. Crystal clear voice and constant data service. I… Read more »
August 9, 2015 12:34 pm 12:34 PM

2g voice is bad because Airtel is using 1800 MHZ for voice in kolkata and premium 900 MHZ for 3g. Vodafone 3g in kolkata is good in terms of speed compared to Airtel but experiencing call drops for last 6 months due to congestion in network. Last 6 months I am using airtel 4g for data and Airtel 3g network for call and very satisfied @Newtown area.

August 9, 2015 3:19 pm 3:19 PM

@Newtown,even the most congested operator will work flawlessly.Vodafone,I think,is undergoing some maintenance work in Kolkata.All are saying that their are frequent call drops and speed is also not satisfactory.If you are facing call drops @ Newtown also then this must be the reason definitely.

August 9, 2015 12:19 pm 12:19 PM

I am getting peak speeds of 8 Mbps to 13 Mbps at my place and average of 3-4 Mbps. Peak speed only during torrent downloads. Any reason?
Using Reliance unlimited 3g @ INR 98/-.

Mahmood Junaid
August 9, 2015 1:33 am 1:33 AM

In Kerala Idea has heavily congested network.. most of the localities it takes around 5-10secs for calls to setup.. 3g data is too slow even to open google pages at crowded areas.. Vodafone in Kerala also is no better..

August 9, 2015 8:19 am 8:19 AM

Rishav its true that that the voice clarity is damn crystal clear on platinum 3G network but regarding 4G I cannot agree with you.Their speed is capped and coverage is patchy.Its very much true that on 2G its a pain to hear the other person.You will have to assume what the other person is trying to say.I have seen many leaving Airtel just because they have those basic Samsung or Nokia phones and facing voice hearing problems on the 2G network.Their 4G and 2G need a lot of improvement.

Subba Reddy
August 9, 2015 12:45 am 12:45 AM

Nice review Rhishav