New Plans of ACT Broadband Live in 8 Cities Across India, Prices Hiked by Rs 100

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ACT Fibernet, India’s third largest broadband service provider on Monday unveiled its broadband plans with increased prices across eight cities. The company with a subscriber base of 1.54 million as of January 31, 2020, on Thursday issued an email notification over the price hike to its subscribers in selected cities across India. In its email notification, ACT Fibernet said that its broadband plans had constant prices despite “increased cost of operations,” one of the factors that led to the company increasing its prices. The company has increased the prices of its broadband plans in eight cities including Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Guntur, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

ACT Fibernet Hikes Prices Between Rs 21 to Rs 26 in Selected Cities

Crucially, the price hike from ACT Fibernet is reflected mostly on the entry level plans in several cities while the top tiered plans are largely unchanged.

In Chennai, the company has increased prices in the range of Rs 21 to Rs 26 with the price hike affecting ACT Basic, ACT Blaze, ACT Blast Promo, ACT Storm and ACT Lightning plans. The prices on ACT Basic and ACT Blaze are increased by Rs 21 while prices on other plans are increased by Rs 26. The ACT Basic plan is now priced at Rs 820 while the ACT Lighting plan is priced at Rs 1325. The prices on ACT Incredible and ACT GIGA remain unchanged.

Similarly, ACT Fibernet plans in Bengaluru including the ACT Swift, ACT Rapid Plus, ACT Blaze, ACT Storm and ACT Lightning have undergone a price increase on Monday. The base plan of ACT Fibernet in Bengaluru, the ACT Swift has seen a price hike of Rs 25 while other plans have seen a price hike of Rs 26. The ACT Swift plan now begins at Rs 710 while the ACT Lighting is priced at Rs 1425. The top tiered plans of Bengaluru including ACT Incredible, ACT Essential, ACT Advance, ACT Progress and ACT Giga remain unaffected with the price increase.

In Hyderabad, the company has revamped two of its plans including the A-Max 1050 and A-Max 1299. The A-Max 1050 that enabled users to browse at 100 Mbps speed till 1000GB has been repackaged to A-Max 1075 with similar benefits as with its previous identity. However, the users will now have to shell out Rs 1075 per month as compared to Rs 1050 in the previous months. Similarly, the A-Max 1299 has been repacked to A-Max 1325 with the plan offering similar benefits as in the previous months. However, as in the case of A-Max 1075, the A-Max 1325 users will shell out Rs 1325 per month as compared to its earlier cost of Rs 1299.

The company has hiked the prices of its ACT Basic, ACT Rush, ACT Sprint, ACT Race and ACT Zoom plans in Coimbatore by Rs 26. In Guntur and Vijayawada, the company has increased the prices of its ACT Silver and ACT Gold plans by Rs 25.

ACT Fibernet Plans in Delhi and Visakhapatnam Witness Rs 100 Hikes

Similar to other cities, the company has hiked the prices of its entry level plans in Delhi with ACT Silver Promo, ACT Platinum Promo and ACT Diamond undergoing a price change. ACT Fibernet has increased the prices of ACT Silver Promo and ACT Platinum Promo by Rs 50 while the ACT Diamond plan has been increased by Rs 100. With the price change, the ACT Silver Promo in Delhi now starts at Rs 799 while ACT Platinum Promo is priced at Rs 1049. Further, the ACT Diamond plan is now priced at Rs 1349 as compared to Rs 1249 in the earlier months. Meanwhile, the prices of ACT Remarkable, ACT Exceptional and ACT Phenomenal remain unchanged.

In Visakhapatnam, the company has increased the prices of its ACT Siver and ACT Gold plans by Rs 50 while the price of ACT Diamond plan has been increased Rs 100. The ACT Silver plan is now priced at Rs 599 while the ACT Gold and ACT Diamond plans are priced at Rs 799 and Rs 1099 respectively.

“We have kept prices constant over the past few years, despite significant cost increases and investments for superior internet experience,” the company said in its email notification sent to users on Thursday. “In addition, our sector has also seen unprecedented challenges over last few years, leading to increased cost of operations.”

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