10 Digit Mobile Numbers to Continue: Trai

Trai has recommended that revised and new National Numbering Plan (NNP) will create space for mobile services and it must be rolled out as soon as possible

By June 1st, 2020 AT 1:15 PM

The Trai rolled out five recommendations to create a ‘Unified Numbering Plan’ to ensure adequate numbering services for the mobile services and fixed line (landline) in the country. One of the major recommendations that Trai stated earlier was adding 0 as a prefix when calls are made in fixed lines (landline) and shifting to 11-digit numbering scheme. However, Trai recently stated that the telecom body has rejected the 11-digit numbering scheme method for mobile services, and the country will follow the 10-digit numbering pattern. Though, Trai honoured the recommendation of adding ‘0’ as a prefix when calls are made from fixed lines (landline).

Adding Prefix ‘0’ will Generate 2,544 Million Additional Numbering Resources

The recommendation of adding ‘0’ as prefix from Trai when calls are made from landline to mobile numbers will generate 2,544 million additional numbering resources for mobile services which will help the telecom body to fulfil the future requirements. Since the telecom body earlier stated that migration to a unified or single numbering scheme for both mobile services and the fixed landline is not necessary, Trai also stated various methods which would create sufficient numbering space. One of the major methods stated by Trai was adding ‘0’ as a prefix for all calls made through fixed lines (landline). Also, Trai noted that a revised and new National Numbering Plan (NNP) must be rolled out as soon as possible to create space for mobile services.

11 Digit Numbering Scheme Will Cause Confusion and Chaos

Various operators opposed the 11-digit numbering scheme and asked the telecom regulatory to stick with the 10-digit numbering scheme. As per operators, shifting to 11-digit numbering scheme will require extensive modifications in both the hardware and software. Not only this, but the cost will also increase, which will burden the operators. Moreover, customers will have to face confusion and inconvenience in the end. Some of the major problems marked by the regulator that customers will face is updating phone memory and dialling extra digit. Also, more dialling errors and unnecessary traffic will happen with the implementation of the 11-Digit numbering scheme.

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