Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Launching in India on February 14 as Flipkart Exclusive

Xiaomi is indeed launching the Redmi Note 5 smartphone in India on February 14, which is the same day the company has set a launch event. While multiple teasers from Xiaomi went unanswered, today’s tweet from e-commerce portal Flipkart has confirmed that the phone will be an upgrade to the Redmi Note 4. And yes, going by the same tweet, it’s likely that Xiaomi will be promoting the phone as an ‘All-Rounder,’ which isn’t surprising, considering the fact that Xiaomi sold millions of Redmi Note 4 units until now.


With that said, Xiaomi isn’t bringing the Redmi 5 lineup to the Indian market yet, and the source code on Xiaomi’s website also stated the phone as Redmi Note 5. Maybe, the Chinese company also launch the Redmi 5 series at the same event, but nothing is confirmed for now. Surely, Xiaomi will reveal details of the smartphone they’re launching before the launch event itself.

And then there’s a new rumour suggesting that Xiaomi will launch two new models of the Redmi Note 5 in India- the standard Redmi Note 5 and the Redmi Note 5 Prime. The former will be powered by the Snapdragon 630 SoC, while the latter will make use of the Snapdragon 636 SoC as per an earlier report. But again, these are just speculations, and there’s no official confirmation from Xiaomi yet.

The surprising part is Xiaomi launching the Note 5 in India first, instead of its home market China. Rumoured specifications of the Note 5 include a 5.99-inch Full HD+ display, same as the Redmi 5 Plus smartphone launched in China last month.


At the back, there might be dual camera setup of a 12MP primary sensor and a 5MP secondary sensor for capturing depth information. The phone will boot Android 7.1 Nougat based MIUI 9 out of the box and will have a generous 4000mAh battery on board.

Also, we’re expecting the pricing to be similar to the Redmi Note 4. Last year’s Redmi Note 4 stirred the entire Indian market with its pricing of Rs 9,999 for the base variant. Back then, it was the only smartphone with Snapdragon 625 SoC smartphone available under Rs 10,000. If Xiaomi does the same and manages to offer Snapdragon 630 SoC under Rs 10,000, it would be a game changer for both the company and Indian consumers. What should be the price of Redmi Note 5?

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February 9, 2018 3:35 pm 3:35 PM

Unless a device receives 3C certification in China, it cannot exist. Therefore, there’s no such thing as a Snapdragon 630/636 from Xiaomi.

February 9, 2018 10:22 pm 10:22 PM

+1. Redmi note 5 will not going to launch with sd630/636..

February 9, 2018 2:45 pm 2:45 PM

Around 11k will be base model. RD 4 32gb variant will receive price cut below 10k as 16gb is out of stock

February 10, 2018 1:09 am 1:09 AM

Redmi 5 will be 10000/12000 for same variants!!!!! I wish Redmi 5 Plus never enters Indian market!!!!!

February 10, 2018 1:07 am 1:07 AM

12000/13000 base model with 3GB/32GB and 15000/16000 for 4GB/64GB model!!!!! If this doesn’t happen the its end for Xiaomi in India!!!!! Redmi Note 5 will decide future of Xiaomi in India!!!! Especially their pricing!!!!!

February 9, 2018 7:46 am 7:46 AM

But its front camera is a complete letdown .xiaomi didnt change anything from the 5mp front camera