WhatsApp to Change Chatting Experience for Users Forever

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WhatsApp is one of, if not the most popular messaging apps around the world, and to keep that top stop; one can always see it making attempts to keep adding newer features to the already vast portfolio so as to ensure that it is still one of the best messenger apps on the internet.

Whilst some of these new features are focused on making the interface cleaner, certain other features are aimed at bringing newer features to the application. For the last couple of weeks, reports have listed out features such as voice waveforms, forward stickers packs that are focused on bringing on cosmetic changes for the app.

Now, a recent report states another upcoming change that will be provided to the Android WhatsApp application that should get the tech nerd in you excited.

What Is This New WhatsApp Feature?

WABetaInfo has reported that WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app seems to be planning a certain small tweak to the application's user interface that will result in the app looking cleaner. WhatsApp is also planning to make the profile picture of individual contacts appear smaller when viewed in the chat list.

It seems that Facebook might also be planning to remove line separators that were able to distinguish one contact from another. All of these changes will allow in differentiating between the contacts in the chat as well as reducing the need for users to add certain other elements.

In the current scenario, the profile pictures in the applications appear slightly bigger, which begs the need for them to be separated from one another via the use of line separators. The upcoming update seems to be planning to change that.

That having been said, this change seems to be available on WhatsApp beta for the Android version, with no word regarding when the useful feature might be rolled out to the iOS-based app.

A separate yet useful feature that has been rolled out for the beta app is the new View once feature, which will allow users to share videos and images that can be only viewed once by the person who receives the aforementioned image or video. Post viewing, the video or photo will disappear from the chat as soon as the receiver dismisses the shared video or image. This feature is available to Android beta users as of now.

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