Vodafone IN revamps it’s MyAccount Portal, enriching customer experience

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We have been emphasizing on the importance of customer experience via various forms be it website, self care or an over all experience really from a long time. Looks like Vodafone IN is trying to provide an all new customer experience through its online platforms via its Website and Self care portal.

Vodafone India revamped its  My Account Portal with an all new look and experience making it more attractive in providing richer experience to customers. As a part of this, there is a complete revamp of it's website as well.

Vodafone Home














Vodafone MyAccount














The Website/My Account appears less buggy and more user friendly now. Airtel is also trying to revamp it's website since many months, but its limited to only few pages. We expect more surprises to be coming from operators to enhance customer experience.

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Dear readers, how do you feel about this new look of Vodafone IN? Do let us know via comments.

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