Vodafone Idea Has Refarmed 3G Spectrum to 4G in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Circle

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Vodafone Idea

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has been refarming its old 3G spectrum to 4G since last year in India. The aim of the telco is to increase network capacity and also offer better speeds to the users. On top of this, the telco has also deployed additional spectrum for improving network services. Vi has just announced that it has migrated the 3G spectrum to 4G in Hyderabad and Warangal. It is worth noting that the telecom operator has already done this in the Vizag district and Vijayawada, Guntur and Kakinada towns.

Vodafone Idea Deployed Additional Spectrum

But along with completing the refarming exercise, Vodafone Idea has also deployed additional spectrum in the Andhra Pradesh and Telangana circles. The telco has deployed 5 MHz of additional spectrum in the 2100 MHz band.

This will help the telecom operator in increasing the total bandwidth offered by its 4G network in the region. Vodafone Idea has already been identified by Ookla as the telco that offered the fastest downloading speeds to the users for the last three consecutive quarters.

With the additional bandwidth and a fairly low customer base as compared to other operators, including Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio, Vi’s customers will get better speeds from its 4G networks.

Now onwards, Vi customers in Hyderabad and Warangal will get better download speeds and a much better indoor coverage than before. Further, the telco won’t face any issue, nor the users will see a downgrade in the network’s service quality when new customers join Vi’s user base because of the increased capacity.

Vi’s 3G spectrum migration process has already happened in multiple parts of the country. This is just a further boost to the telco’s 4G networks. With the increased network capacity, Vodafone Idea is all set to comfortably add more users.

Even during peak hours, users should get great speeds and good connectivity from the telco’s networks. The voice call quality for the users should also improve after the recent additional spectrum deployment by the telco and the migration of the 3G spectrum to 4G. Hopefully, in the coming days, things stay smooth for Vi, and the telco keeps on adding new customers on the back of its excellent network.

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