Virgin Media Could Offer Free Broadband, but With a Catch

Virgin Media is pushing advertisements to users to sign up to a service that can provide free broadband to certain users

Virgin Media Free Broadband Full Details
In today’s day and age, freebies have become far less common, with most companies and organisations choosing to make more bucks rather than provide more freebies in order to get more customers. However, it seems that Virgin Media customers could soon get the same.

As was spotted by a reader of ISPreview, it seems that Virgin is hinting at a new service that offers broadband without users having to pay a penny for the same. Virgin Media currently offers cheaper broadband to its users when adding a phone line, which effectively means that you can get 100Mbps speeds for just £25 on a monthly basis.

The reader, in a post, explained that he was surprised to come across an advert this week that was offering a Free Broadband service from Virgin Media. Once he had worked out it wasn’t fraudulent, he decided to placed the order which asked for his name and address. Since then he has received confirmation emails and account details as well as confirmation of delivery for the Hub.

What Do We Know About this Service

As of now, the service supposedly offers low speeds of around 10Mbps but seeing as to how it’s totally free some might not be worried about sluggish downloads. The offering, which is called “Be Connected Broadband”, was only available to 200 people during the trial but it could be a taste of things in store for the future.

As the terms state, the reason for this freebie is that Virgin wants those signing up to accept that they will then be targeted by adverts.
If the trial is indeed a success then it might be possible to give more people access to this basic broadband if they are happy to see sponsored adverts.

In a statement sent to ISPreview, a Virgin spokesperson stated that we are always working to improve Virgin’s products so we regularly trial new services and offers. We have some really exciting projects underway and our customers have a lot to look forward to.

News of this freebie comes just after Virgin Media and O2 confirmed that they are now one joint firm. The new company, which will be called Virgin Media O2, promises some serious investment in its combined infrastructure, with broadband customers being the first to see the changes.

As per an update, in order to celebrate the two companies joining their forces, Virgin could deliver these ultra-fast speeds that it has offered, usually of 1GBps or above to more users soon.

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