Nokia Helped Broadband Company Subisu Expand Fibre Network

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Subisu is one of the leading internet service providers (ISPs) in Nepal. The company serves both retail as well as enterprise customers. Seeing the demand for growing internet services, the company decided to take the help of Nokia in expanding its fibre network across East and West Nepal.

Nokia, in a release, said that it helped Subisu in modernising the 1,500 kilometres long backbone network spread across West and East Nepal. For helping Subisu out, Nokia deployed its single 400G single fibre solution that will give Subisu’s enterprise and retail customers ultra-high broadband speed.

Subisu Can Enter New Market Segments With Improved Fibre Network

Leveraging Nokia’s solution, Subisu can now address the growing need for bandwidth and also enter new market segments. The ISP’s customers will now be able to use high-capacity applications and witness an overall performance upgrade in the company’s services.

Nokia deployed the Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) platform offering Photonic Service Engine (PSE) enabled 400G single fiber, bidirectional Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) solution across Nepal for helping Subisu. It is worth noting that this was the first of its kind operation that has never taken place anywhere else.

Nokia’s 400G single fiber solution will help Subisu upgrade the network reach, resilience and also upgrade the capacity of its fibre network while reducing opex and optimising capex. Nokia’s solution is so powerful that Subisu will be able to scale the network for providing multi-terabytes of capacity just on the back of a single fiber.

CEO at Subisu, Mr Binaya Saud, confirmed that Nokia was selected as the sole vendor by the company to complete this project. Saud further said that Subisu has been working with Nokia for a long time now, and its industry-leading solutions and products have helped the company in providing its customers with best-in-class broadband services.

Head of Emerging Markets, Nokia India, Mr Vinish Bawa, said that Nokia’s field-proven 1830 PSS solution is helping companies like Subisu expand their network capacity for improving the customer experience. Bawa said that Nokia is very happy that it could complete the project on time and helped Subisu in modernising its optical network.

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