ZTE-China Unicom Successfully Complete Trial of Intelligent Radio Network Orchestration

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ZTE China Network Orchestration

ZTE has been at the forefront of technological advancements in recent times, after having showcased the first commercially available smartphone to house an in-display camera. Whilst the product did not sell in great volumes, it was an indication of what was to come in the future and how far the tech segment has to go.

Today, ZTE Corporation, which is known for being a major provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions on an international basis for the mobile internet, along with China Unicom completed a commercial trial of the industry's first Intelligent Radio Network Orchestration Solution, featuring both user orchestration and network orchestration, in Dalian, located in China.

In the early part of 2021, ZTE had released the first Intelligent Orchestration Radio Network Solution, based on ZTE's vision and the complete work for 5G network development. The solution is powered by a base station native intelligence and improves user experiences via user orchestration and network orchestration, which in itself allows for the meeting of more diverse requirements of both B2B and B2C services.

What Do the Results Indicate

The results have showcased that the user orchestration can provide an improvement in both 5G user experiences and 5G camping ratio. The uplink NR low-throughput user ratio is also cut down by 50% whilst the handover delay is reduced by 50% and the 5G camping ratio has been increased by a significant amount.

To add to this, when 4G/5G dynamic spectrum sharing is switched on, the network orchestration can adjust the spectrum configurations according to the traffic requirements on an automatic basis.

The average 5G user throughput will be increased by 20%-130% adapting to spectrum configuration, with the 4G user number and traffic remaining unaffected. This allows for new possibilities to NR user experience improvement and O&M simplification in 4G and 5G dynamic spectrum sharing scenario.

To date, ZTE and China Unicom have been able to make great progress in various innovation pilot fields. In one such instance, ZTE won the ICT China 2020 Annual Excellent Solution Award for the company's sharing solution that is based on the blockchain technology in the 5G RAN sharing scenario, and was rewarded for the Best Practice Award for 5G Network and Terminal Coordination for the 5G low-altitude private network.

In the future, both companies have mentioned that they will be collaborating further with each other in terms of intelligent radio network orchestration from standards, products and services to facilitate research, development and commercial applications, with the aim of building 5G networks using enhanced user experiences and network efficiency.

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