Telenor Bulgaria 5G Network Is Available in More Than 60 Locations

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Telenor Bulgaria

5G networks are being deployed rapidly worldwide. A few months back, telecom operators were just finishing the 5G trials and waiting for the final deployment. Recently, the largest mobile network and third-largest fixed telecommunications company in Bulgaria, Telenor Bulgaria, has deployed 5G networks in more than 60 locations. Telenor Bulgaria assured its subscribers the previous month and stated that the 5G network would be deployed in June. The telco honoured its commitment and made the capital city Sofia one of the first locations to receive the 5G services.

Telenor Bulgaria Delayed 5G Network and Conduced Trials

Tracing back to the previous month, while competitors like Viacom and A1 launched 5G services with temporary frequencies, Telenor Bulgaria was only conducting 5G trials. Talking about the 5G spectrum auction that concluded in April, Telenor Bulgaria gained the license of radio frequency band 3.5- 3.6 GHz for 4.1 million levs. On the other side, Vivacom was awarded the 3.7-3.8 GHz band for 4.6 million levs, whereas A1 gained 3.6- 3.7 GHz band for 4.7 million levs.

Telenor Bulgaria Launched 5G Focused Campaign

While conducting 5G trials the previous month, Telenor Bulgaria launched a 5G focused information and training campaign. The campaign was launched by the operator to provide a detailed account of 5G benefits to end-to-end users and answer their doubts related to the 5G network. Apart from this, the campaign also included a knowledge hub on the operator’s website where expert opinions, website materials are published. Further, Telenor Bulgaria is also allowing customers to ask 5G related questions via mail or social media accounts.

5G in Bulgaria Might Not Witness Chinese Vendors

Bulgaria will witness the rapid deployment of 5G network in the coming two years. Telenor Bulgaria stated that it is expecting to be the leader in 5G coverage in Bulgaria by mid-2022. Also, it is speculated that 5G rollouts in Bulgaria will not include Huawei and ZTE as the Prime Minister signed a framework with the US to exclude Chinese telecom gear markers from its future networks. In case you are not aware, the US is asking all its allies to ban Chinese gear makers due to privacy concerns.

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