Valoo Bringing Fiber Connectivity to Multiple Cities in Finland

Valoo fiber is connecting new users in several areas in Finland, including Haukiputaa, Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka. The construction progress varies by area, but the goal is to connect more than 50,000 new households to fiber optics this year.


  • Valoo fiber optics has started construction on a fiber optic cable to Haukiputaa in fall 2021.
  • Valoo's goal is to connect over 50,000 new households to fiber optics this year and is currently working on fiber optic projects in 23 different cities in Finland.
  • Other cities included in the fiber optic project include Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka.

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Valoo Bringing High-Speed Internet to Multiple Cities in Finland

Valoo, Finland's fiber optic internet service provider, is making significant progress in expanding its network to connect more households to high-speed internet. In April, the company welcomed new users in Paukiputaa, as the construction of a fiber optic cable to Haukiputaa began in fall 2021. The first fiber optic connection was commissioned in December of the same year.

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Work Progress in Haukiputaa

Valoo shared its progress on the network development works recently. While earthworks faced some delays and challenges in the summer season of 2022, the commissioning of areas 4 and 5 of Haukiputaa is currently underway and scheduled for the spring season of 2023. However, some individual properties in these areas still need to be installed. The completion schedule for areas 1 and 12 of Haukiputaa is expected to be later this year after the construction of the main network is completed.

Progress of Works in Other Areas

Valoo is also introducing fiber optic connections to other areas, including Kouvola, Lappeenranta, Kiiminki, and Kotka, in the spring and summer of 2023. Electrical installations are currently ongoing in Kouvola, with areas 1-4 expected to be completed from week 17, according to the company's estimates. In Lappeenranta, installations are underway in areas 8 and 13, and fiber optic connections will be activated in the first week of May.

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In Kiiminki, the excavation work for the trunk network in area 3 is still in progress, with an estimated commissioning date in summer 2023. The completion schedule for area 4 will be more detailed in the coming weeks as the work progresses. Valoo Fiber Optics aims to specify the schedule for the introduction of optical fiber in Kotka in the next few weeks.

Valoo made agreements with multiple Contractors

Valoo is building more optical fiber than any other company ever before in Finland. To achieve this, the company has made contractor agreements with seven different contractors to ensure the construction proceeds according to plans and that the excavators do not run out. The fiber optic construction project includes several different phases, from site planning and excavation to fiber terminal installations and core network works.

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Valoo is currently working on fiber optic projects in 23 different cities, including Hyvinkaa, where site excavation work and the installation of fiber terminal equipment will begin in week 16, and in Oulu, where core network construction work will begin in early May.

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