Umniah Launches 5G Services in Jordan, First in the Kingdom

Umniah, a subsidiary of Beyon Group, has launched 5G services in Jordan, becoming the first national telecom operator to offer this technology in key cities. The deployment was made possible through a strategic partnership with Ericsson.


  • Umniah becomes the first national telecom operator to introduce 5G services in Jordan.
  • Strategic collaboration with Ericsson enables the successful deployment of 5G technology.
  • Umniah urges subscribers with 5G-supported devices to activate the service at showrooms or through their mobile phones or the Umniah application.

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Umniah Launches 5G Services in Jordan, First in the Kingdom

Umniah, a subsidiary of Beyon Group, announced the launch of 5G services in Jordan, making them the first national telecom operator to offer 5G technology in Irbid, Zarqa, and the capital city, Amman. In February 2023, Umniah and Ericsson joined forces to launch the first phase of 5G technology deployment in the Kingdom of Jordan as part of their ongoing strategic collaboration.

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Umniah 5G Launch in Jordan

Esteemed guests, including the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Ahmed Al-Hanandeh, and Bassam Al-Sarhan, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, attended the press conference. Representatives from Ericsson, local and regional media also witnessed the 5G launch event, according to the official statement.

5G plays a pivotal role in Jordan's successful digital transformation process, meeting the increasing demand for low-latency and highly reliable connectivity services.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission extended congratulations to Umniah on the launch of 5G services. In addition, the commission acknowledged the collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors, from signing agreements with licensed companies to launching services.

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Collaboration with Ericsson for Deployment

To realize the launch of 5G services, Umniah partnered with Ericsson for the first phase. This involved preparing the necessary infrastructure, including network management, integration, and support. Additionally, Umniah and Ericsson collaborated to upgrade the existing 4G network with the latest technologies to cater to the growing customer demand.

Jordan Vision 2025

With its ultra-high speeds, low latency, and unprecedented capacity, 5G opens doors to innovative services and applications that enhance efficiency in vital sectors such as health, education, tourism, and transportation.

It also accelerates the development of Industry 4.0 technologies, including the Internet of Things. In addition, the launch of 5G services by Umniah will support Jordan Vision 2025.

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Call to Action for Subscribers

Umniah calls on its subscribers with 5G-supported devices to visit any of its showrooms in the areas covered by 5G to activate the service, request the latest 5G-supported devices, or subscribe to the 5G home service. Subscribers can also activate Umniah's 5G services directly from their mobile phones or through Umniah's application.

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