TV Prices in India Are Going Up, What You Should Know?

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One of the best sources of entertainment for anyone around the world is their TV. Nowadays, televisions have become smarter and run on custom operating systems (OS), allowing users to access their favourite applications directly on the TV. If you are thinking about purchasing a new TV, you should know that the pricing of TVs from Chinese companies is going up. Both Xiaomi and Redmi are going to increase the prices of their TVs. Both the companies are known for fluctuating the price of their products in the Indian market depending on external factors.

Why Xiaomi and Redmi Are Increasing the Price?

The price of the new TVs from Xiaomi and Redmi are going up from July 1, 2021. The reason behind this move is issues in the global supply chain. Due to restrictions because of the pandemic in several countries, the companies are finding it hard to get the desired supply of equipment and components to assemble their TVs.

This is not just for TVs, but even smartphones and other products are facing equipment shortages severely. Chipset manufacturers have a very huge demand but aren’t able to fulfil the orders at a rapid pace because of supply chain issues.

Xiaomi has confirmed to India Today Tech that it is going to increase the price of its TVs between 3% to 6%. The price hike would affect several TV models that have already been launched in the country.

The company said that it is facing issues in getting components such as display panels, display drivers, chipsets, back panels, battery and more. Redmi recently increased the price of the Redmi Note 10, which was the second price revision for the smartphone in a very short span in India.

It is not just the supply chain issues of components, but the companies now even have to pay a larger shipping cost as compared to before. This move doesn’t surprise us since it is not just Xiaomi or Redmi but many other brands that are facing equipment and component shortages. The supply chain issues have been there since last year and are expected to continue until next year.

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