Three UK Achieves Up to 70 Percent Energy Efficiency at Select Sites With AI Solutions

AI-Powered Solutions and Energy-Efficient Radios Enhance Performance While Reducing Environmental Impact.


  • Ericsson's dual-band Radio 4490 reduces power consumption and site footprint.
  • Power-saving software features optimise energy use during low-traffic hours.
  • Autonomous operations improve efficiency across 4G and 5G networks.

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Three UK Achieves Up to 70 Percent Energy Efficiency at Select Sites With AI Solutions
UK mobile network operator Three and Swedish telecom network equipment vendor Ericsson have achieved an improvement in energy efficiency of up to 70 percent at certain sites. Three UK has deployed AI-powered hardware and software solutions from Ericsson, the companies said in a recent joint statement. As part of an ongoing network modernisation initiative over the past 18 months, Three UK has worked with Ericsson on improving network energy performance by deploying energy-efficient radios and utilising AI and data analytics.

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Deployment of AI-Powered Solutions

Late in 2023, Three UK deployed Ericsson's dual-band Radio 4490, which, according to the company, consumes less power and is 25 percent lighter than previous models, simplifying site access and speeding up site upgrades. In addition to deploying more energy-efficient radios, Three UK has implemented a series of software features that consume less power per radio during low-traffic hours, the official release said.

Implementation of Power-Saving Software Features

Ericsson's radio implements a range of software solutions designed to improve energy efficiency, including advanced machine learning, passive cooling, and power-saving features. These features work autonomously across 4G and 5G networks and have the ability to switch off radio components when not active while being capable of switching on again in microseconds for the next service request.

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Impact and Future Plans

The partnership between Three UK and Ericsson has resulted in an improvement in network energy efficiency of up to 70 percent at selected sites, all completed while improving network performance, reducing site footprint, and lowering CO2 emissions, the official release said.

Three UK said, "We've achieved excellent improvements in energy efficiency while expanding network capabilities for our customers. We plan to take these learnings on board for future projects, ensuring that we continue to improve the environmental impact of our network."

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