Telegram Voice Chats Feature Along With SD Card Storage Facility Rolled Out

Telegram has started rolling out a new update with voice chats support and SD card storage for Android devices

By December 24th, 2020 AT 12:55 PM



Telegram has started rolling out a new update with voice chats support and SD card storage for Android devices. It is worth noting that this is the 12th update which the social media giant has released this year. To enhance the quality and experience of group chats, Telegram will now allow users to voice chat. There is a stark difference between audio messages and voice chat. While you have to record an audio message, voice chat is done live, much like a voice call, but totally different. Keep reading ahead to find out more about the feature.

Telegram Voice Chats Feature

After the update, any Telegram group can become a voice chat room. Voice chat rooms aren’t a totally different space, but they run parallel to the existing media and text group. To keep it simple, voice chat rooms are a layer above the normal chat group.

While people can talk in groups here, it is not a group voice call exactly. Because no one is actually calling anyone here, anyone in the group can individually join or leave the chat room anytime they wish.

Whenever a voice chat room is active, a special bar at the top of the group will appear. This bar will display the person talking and even hint about how loud they are. Users will be able to identify who is speaking and thus will be able to smartly choose when they should join and speak what they have to speak.

Users are allowed to move around the application freely while on the chat room. They can stay in the chat room and still text or send other forms of messages to their contacts. For Android users, a special floating widget will appear on the home screen if they exit the app but still want to stay in the chat room to listen to what others are speaking. Users are even allowed to unmute or mute themselves while on other apps according to their convenience.

Other Telegram Updates

Telegram has rolled out more features with the update. Now, Android users can store their Telegram data in a local SD card as well, which they can transfer to other devices if they wish to. The Android app has got new and better animations along with fresh emojis. Telegram has also added a ‘Feature Suggestion Platform’ that will allow users to suggest new features and report bugs.

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