Telecomtalk Poll: Fair Usage Policy on Broadband

Fair Usage Policy on BroadbandMost people hate Fair Usage Policies, that’s because Fair Usage Policies are not FAIR enough.

Operators sell their plans as unlimited, only to restrict after a certain usage.There are thousands of debates on FUP on data services is required or not! But certainly it helps operators to keep their networks free from congestion and over-use/misuse.

We all saw how BSNL’s 3G data services choked following some users downloaded more than 500GB/month.So FUP has to be implemented, but it should not hurt customers/end users.

But there are some plans with 1-10GB usage cap at high speed and then speed is restricted to such a lower level you will be disgusted.Interestingly most operators sell them as UNLIMITED plans.

These plans must be sold as FLAT RATE Plans and there must be complete transparency regarding billing details.The broadband service providers, specially Airtel and recently BSNL also are offering such crappy plans.

8GB at 8Mbit/sec and then speed will be restricted to 256kbit/sec. It simply sucks for most of the users who are on high speed of 8Mbps.Operators must come up with data top up on wired broadband – Rs 100/GB is best value for money which is BSNL is offering as 10p/MB post free usage on limited broadband plans. I personally think there must not be any FUP on unlimited 256kbps and 512kbps plans. On 1Mbps unlimited plan FUP would be 50GB, 2Mbps plan can offer FUP of 100GB. For high downloaders, night unlimited plans are best, I guess. BSNL’s home broadband plans 500C and 500C+ are best sellers all over the country! Even operators can increse bandwidth during night hours, when traffic is less.

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April 7, 2011 2:49 pm 2:49 PM

U talk about FUP to Limit after 50 gb or 100Gb???
My Hathway Connection limit My 512Mbps Sped after 10GB Only….
Poor and useless,
Instead Of incresainfg the technology and capacity of Internet they are limiting the user to use it…..

My Frd In Us and uk enjoy 50 Mbps speed at 500Gb FUP !!!!
In India at least i expect 2-8 mbps speed with 50-100GB FUP…..

March 29, 2011 9:21 am 9:21 AM

i feel that if the operators will b transperant then they will be less profitable
when they use the word unlimited it should be unlimited purely without any conditions or a cap or a fup
trai knows all this and it is supporting the operators in this
trai pls wake up and help the consumers

March 28, 2011 9:47 pm 9:47 PM
Most of the people who worry about FUP are torrent downloaders. It is always good choice for them to use VPS or Seedbox . I suggest this for those who are looking for 100GB…500Gb data transfer per month. With this method we need not worry about bandwidth limits and FUP problem with providers.But still some limit to data download depends on our Plan but we can escape lot of data transfer because torrent downloads. The 3G/4G mobile Service providers or Broadband providers india should start providing VPS or seedbox as VAS which will get them good earnings. This is required… Read more »