Telecom Ad : Empathy through Telephone Exchange – What an idea!

By March 3rd, 2013 AT 12:47 PM

IDEA always highlighted simple telephony answers to solving large social problems. This time the brand addresses not so much a societal issue but an endearingly “closer to my life” story that has the potential of impacting a very large part of the society.

idea new ad Empathy through Telephone Exchange

If we look around, we all are leading extremely stressful lives that impact and strain our personal & professional relationships. Relationships need ‘time’ and ‘time’ is the rare commodity. It is becoming increasingly difficult to appreciate, empathise and respond to relationship demands that seem to snap at the smallest provocation.

In the good old days the saying went “step into my shoes to understand my life”. In today’s context, our mobile phone is a true reflection of us and what’s going on in our life. This campaign aptly brings alive the core insight – “ek doosre ko samajhne ke liye telephone exchange, what an idea!”.

There was a time when an operator sitting at a telephone exchange would unwittingly connect your call to a wrong number and you would end up hearing an unfamiliar voice leaving you bewildered. The new Idea story is similar yet different! This one shows a telephone exchange of a different nature where a son deliberately exchanges the phones of his parents when he sees them indulge in a daily morning argument. What follows is a realization at both ends about how the other manages daily chores and work life, after being privy to a string of mobile phone calls on the other’s phone, in a single day!

Realization of each other’s contribution in life adds to love and respect in a relationship. This simple yet powerful thought is aptly communicated through the new Idea ad, and once again reinforces the brand’s tagline – An Idea can change your life!

So, yet again the brand belief of “An Idea can change your life” comes alive. Do Let us know your views on this TV commercial by commenting below..

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