Tata Sky Broadband FUP Policy Changed for all Plans Below 300 Mbps

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Tata Sky Broadband is still finding its roots in the internet market. The internet service provider recently updated its broadband offerings so that it can compete with what Airtel Xstream Fiber and JioFiber are providing to its customers. For the unaware, every unlimited broadband plan from Tata Sky comes with a FUP limit. But now with the recent changes to its broadband offerings, Tata Sky has also changed the FUP policy for its plans which provided speeds lesser than 300 Mbps. Up until now, it was only the Tata Sky broadband 300 Mbps speed plan which came with 3.3TB monthly FUP data, but that has been changed now.

Every Tata Sky Unlimited Broadband Plan Comes with Same FUP Limit

Tata Sky unlimited broadband plans come with a FUP limit. That FUP limit for all the plans until a few days back was different from each other. But with the recent updates, Tata Sky has set a uniform FUP policy for all the unlimited broadband plans it is offering. So now, all the unlimited broadband plans from the internet service provider (ISP) comes with 3.3TB data.

Regardless of the benefits of the plan or the price of it, if it is an unlimited data broadband plan from Tata Sky, it will come with 3.3TB data. Until a few days back, customers with 300 Mbps speed broadband plans only got 3.3TB data per month. Rest other plans with lower speeds came with 1.5TB data per month.

This is not a surprising move from Tata Sky. It needed to to do this so that the plans could become more lucrative for its customers. Both JioFiber and Airtel Xstream Fiber have updated their plans as well. Both of the internet service providers are now providing unlimited data of 3.3TB per month with all of their plans. They have also introduced new cheaper plans with lesser speed as well.

Get Landline Service With Tata Sky Broadband Now

Tata Sky has also launched its landline service with its broadband plans. But it is not free for everyone. Users going for a plan with either 1-month validity or 3 months validity can get the landline service by paying just Rs 100 per month on top of the base rental of their broadband plan.

But customers who go for broadband plans ranging between the validity of 6 months or 12 months can get the landline service for no extra cost. Along with this, Tata Sky has also mentioned that customers who are going for one-month plans will have to pay extra for the installation and router. But, for customers going for the long-term plans will be exempted from paying any installation or router charges.

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