BSNL Best Prepaid Data Vouchers Offer Up to 480GB of Data

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BSNL is working on expanding its 4G services to all of India. While there is no clarity on how much time it will take, BSNL is still providing 3G services in all of its capacity to the customers. Despite the low-cost plans and amazing data and voice calling benefits, the telco lost over 1.7 million customers in the month of June. If you are a BSNL user and are thinking about switching to some other telco, you should hear out the data vouchers and benefits that BSNL offers to its customers. It might make you stay with the telco after all. Here are all the BSNL best-prepaid data vouchers that you can get today.

BSNL Best Prepaid Data Vouchers

BSNL offers some really low-cost data vouchers to its customers with different kind of benefits. Let’s start with the first one. It comes for Rs 98 and is named ‘DataTSunami_98’. This particular voucher comes with a validity of 22 days and for the whole length of 22 days provides customers with 2GB of high-speed daily data. After consuming the first 2GB for the day, the speed drops to 40 Kbps and along with that the customers also get the OTT benefit of EROS NOW. 

Coming to the second BSNL best-prepaid data voucher, it is priced at Rs 151 and is named ‘Data_WFH_151’. This data voucher will be helpful for those who are working from home during the pandemic. It comes with a validity of 30 days and offers customers 40GB of high-speed data.

Talking about the third prepaid data voucher from BSNL that you can get today, it is the Rs 197 ‘DATASTV_197’ voucher. This voucher comes with a validity of 54 days and offers customers 2GB daily data. With this, the customer also gets free BSNL caller tune service with the option of making unlimited changes to the songs.

Then coming to the fourth data voucher, it is the ‘Data_WFH_251’ voucher which costs Rs 251. This voucher comes with a validity of 30 days and offers customers 70GB of data. There is no other benefit with this voucher. 

Coming to the fifth voucher which is ‘STV_998’, it offers customers 480GB data. So it comes with a validity of 240 days and provides customers with 2GB of daily data. After the 2GB data is consumed, the speed drops to 80 Kbps. Along with this, customers also get personalised caller tune free for the first two months. There is also Lokdhun content available for the customers totally for free.

There is one more data voucher of Rs 1,098 – ‘DATA_1098’. This voucher comes with unlimited data without any restriction on the speed. So there is no FUP limit on data basically. It has a validity of 84 days and along with that also offers customers 100 SMS/day with unlimited calling and free personalised caller tune.

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