Tata Sky Broadband Users Can Save Rs 2400 on Long Term Plans

Tata Sky Broadband users can save up to Rs 2,400 on 200 Mbps and 300 Mbps plan if they purchase it for 12 months

On choosing long-term broadband plans from Tata Sky, users can effectively save up to Rs 2,400. Much recently, Tata Sky updated its broadband offerings and changed the fair usage policy (FUP) for data offered with its plans. Along with this, the internet service provider (ISP) also added a free landline connection for the users which was missing with its broadband plans for a long time. Tata Sky offers a number of broadband plans with different benefits to the users. When users go for long-term plans, they can save a lot of money. Keep reading ahead to find out about how long-term plans from Tata Sky can help you save money.

Tata Sky Long-Term Plans Come at a Discounted Rate

Tata Sky offers its long-term plans at a discount to the users. Users looking to get a new broadband connection get to choose from four monthly plans where the speed ranges from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

Talking about the 300 Mbps plan, it comes for Rs 1,500 when users want it for a month. But with long-term and even medium-term validity, the price of this plan changes and actually becomes lesser. There is no change in the price when the user purchases this plan for 3 months. He has to pay Rs 4,500 for the 3 months which still equates to Rs 1,500 per month.

However, users opting for a 6 months validity need to pay Rs 8,400 for this plan. This equates to Rs 1,400/month. So there is a discount of Rs 100/month. Users purchasing this plan for 12 months get a discount of Rs 2,400. They need to pay a total of Rs 15,600 for the 300 Mbps plan when they purchase it for 12 months. Normally, purchasing the plan on a monthly basis would mean that the user would be paying Rs 18,000 in 12 months for this plan.

This goes the same with other broadband plans on offer from Tata Sky. The 150 Mbps speed plan from Tata Sky Broadband comes for Rs 950/month, Rs 2,700 for 3 months (imputing a discount of Rs 50/month), Rs 5,100 for 6 months (imputing a discount of Rs 100/month), and Rs 9,600 for 12 months (imputing a discount of Rs 150/month).

The base plan which comes with 100 Mbps speed comes for Rs 850/month. But when purchased for 3 months, its price is Rs 2,400, giving users a discount of Rs 50/month. For 6 months, its price becomes Rs 5,100 meaning a discount of Rs 100/month. Then for 12 months, the user needs to pay Rs 8,400 (imputing a discount of Rs 150/month).

The last plan offers 200 Mbps speed. Its monthly cost is Rs 1,050 and for 3 months it comes at a discount of Rs 50/month for Rs 3,000. But for 6 months, the plan’s discount rises to Rs 125/month and it comes for Rs 5,550. Lastly, for 12 months, the price of this plan becomes Rs 15,600 (imputing a discount of 200/month).

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